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7 Ways To Celebrate Halloween At The Retirement Community

7 Ways To Celebrate Halloween At The Retirement Community 
Halloween is a time to celebrate and dress up, and there are many ways to bring the festivities into the retirement community. Try a few of these suggestions to host a spooky holiday party for residents.

  1. Scarecrow building
    Get a group of seniors from around the retirement community to work together and use their creativity to build a scarecrow, Family Education suggested. Make it a contest for best scarecrow to get everyone to compete. Have the older adults gather into small teams and give them the supplies to make a scarecrow. Some tools you might need include an old flannel, a burlap sack, hay and anything else you can think of. Give the teams an allotted amount of team and enjoy watching what everyone comes up with!
  2. 'What's in the bowl?'
    What better way to get into the Halloween spirit that with a game of "What's in the bowl?" This game tests people's guessing skills and scares them a bit. Gather a series of foods that may be difficult to guess while blindfolded, Party Game Ideas suggested. Substitute cooked, cold spaghetti as intenstines and peeled grapes as eyeballs. Aim for foods that feel slimy to the touch. Older adults will take pleasure in trying to guess what they feel.
  3. Tricks and treats
    This game is a difficult one. Select a list of words that are related to Halloween. Consider words such as party, ghost, witch, pumpkin, candy and Halloween. Write them out on a list and place them in a place visible to everyone playing. All players should receive 10 pieces of candy. If someone says one of the forbidden words, they have to give away a piece of candy. The person with the most candy at the end of the game wins!
  4. Halloween Mad Libs
    Any type of Mad Libs​ game is sure to get the whole senior community laughing, stated. Why not make it Halloween-themed? Make a poster board with a Halloween-related story on it, exempting certain words. Ask the group to help fill in the blanks without showing them the story. Then turn the poster around and read the silly story together. A guaranteed hoot.
  5. Pumpkin decorating contest
    This is another activity that gives seniors a chance to stretch their creative muscle. Purchase a bunch of small pumpkins from the grocery store or a nearby patch. Break the group up into teams to encourage socializing and conversation and give them some supplies. You could use paint, silly eyes, markers or other art tools. Give the teams a set block of time to work on the pumpkins and see which one turns out best! As an added bonus, you can use the pumpkins as decorations around the community.
  6. Halloween bingo
    Test everyone's listening skills with a good game of Halloween-themed bingo. Print out a bingo chart or make your own out of cardboard paper. Decorate the boards with spooky creatures like ghosts and cats. Use candy as an incentive for winning a game.
  7. Halloween shuffleboard tournament
    Get everyone a little active around this holiday with a game of shuffleboard. You can make it Halloween-themed by decorating the boards with October-themed pictures. Give seniors a piece of candy for those who win. See how intense the games will get! Make the winners wait until the tournament is over to eat their rewards.

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