All About Avocados: 4 Facts And 3 Recipes

By Sunrise Senior Living  |  May 21, 2015

If you're looking for a nutrient-dense food to add to your diet, look no farther than the produce section of your grocery store. Here, you'll likely find avocados, which are an amazing ingredient for seniors who want to increase their vitamin and mineral intake to boost their health. Read on for some fast facts about these green, buttery fruits and three recipes that you're sure to love.

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Spring Cleaning Brings Discussions About Senior Living

By Amy DiStefano, Sunrise Senior Living Resource Counselor  |  May 20, 2015

Our country has seen some record breaking cold temperatures and snow accumulation this year. This leads to isolation for many of us, including our beloved seniors. Thankfully, the sun and warmth of spring brings a rejuvenation of the body and mind. And some studies show that May is the happiest month of the year, so it seems like a perfect opportunity to broach the subject of assisted living options with your loved one. Naturally, this conversation usually opens up the discussion around assisted living versus homecare. Many feel very connected to their home and the thought of leaving it presents as frightening, overwhelming and daunting. Below are some talking points to highlight some of the advantages of assisted living over homecare to help guide this discussion with your loved ones:

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New Study Finds Link Between Belly Fat And Hypertension

By Tim Watt  |  May 20, 2015

A high percentage of the U.S. adult population is impacted by high blood pressure and obesity. However, how the two are linked has remained unclear. Researchers from Michigan State University believe that hypertension could be caused by belly fat hormones and their interactions with blood vessels in the abdomen. The scientists plan on testing this hypothesis in a new study.

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Design Insider: How to Downsize to a Senior Living Community

By Sunrise Design Team  |  May 19, 2015

With over 100 years of combined experience designing for seniors, our in-house Design team knows a thing or two about planning a beautiful, functional living space – and this applies just as easily to a senior living community as it does to a treasured home. Today they’re sharing tips on how to downsize your home’s belongings for an easier senior living transition.

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Trying A Mediterranean Diet? Use These 3 Recipes

By Sunrise Senior Living  |  May 19, 2015

There are a number of documented benefits of following a Mediterranean diet. Research has shown that people who eat this type of regional cuisine tend to have longer life expectancies, lower rates of heart disease and reduced risk of other chronic diseases. If you're interested in trying a Mediterranean diet, here are three recipes to get you started.

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Strawberries Decrease Cholesterol, Heart Risk And Blood Pressure

By Sunrise Senior Living  |  May 18, 2015

Fruits and vegetables are two of the most important food groups for improving overall health, especially for adults over the age of 65. Strawberries offer a unique set of benefits for people, as they are perfect ingredients for a range of smoothies and desserts, but they can also be savored on their own.

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How Can Seniors Prevent Falls?

By Megan Ray  |  May 18, 2015

Many age-related causes of injury impact seniors across the world. However, falls are the leading cause of injuries for older adults in Canada. Factors like impaired vision and joint pain make seniors more susceptible to falls. It's important that older adults and their caregivers are taking preventative measures to avoid incidents. 

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Sunrise Residents Get Pet-Friendly Support

By Julia Little  |  May 15, 2015

As people age, they often experience a variety of changes that can prove difficult to adapt to, including everything from alterations in health to moving to a new living environment. To become comfortable with these changes, it's important that they have the support they need. Seniors can find this support in pets, as studies have shown that pets can benefit seniors' physical and mental well-being.

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