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Sunrise Launches Online Care Questionnaire!

Sunrise Launches Online Care Questionnaire! Struggling to determine which level of senior care might be best for you or your loved one? Sunrise is proud to share the launch of The Sunrise Care Questionnaire. This easy, brief online survey allows you to answer questions about yourself, or on behalf of a parent, spouse or another loved one, to receive Sunrise’s care recommendation*. The Care Questionnaire was developed through our experienced Care team and designed to support seniors and their families find the best senior living options for them.

Oftentimes we hear that families are searching for answers to their memory loss care needs and they don’t know where to begin. Our Care Questionnaire is a great place to start the conversation. After answering a short series of straightforward questions about topics such as daily activities, memory loss, medication management and more, the Care Questionnaire results will populate. Results vary by level of care and services needed and may include Independent Living, Assisted Living** or Memory Care. Upon receiving Care Questionnaire results, users have the option to speak directly with a Sunrise senior resource counselor who can help schedule a full Assessment† as soon as possible at a nearby Sunrise community.

With over 30 years of experience in senior living, Sunrise is pleased to add yet another tool and resource for seniors and their families to find the peace of mind they seek during their senior living needs search. Take the Sunrise Care Questionnaire today to learn more! Check out our other available resources, too:

* The Care Questionnaire results are not a physician's diagnosis, nor is it an assessment by a licensed professional. To validate your Care Questionnaire results, you will need to speak with a Sunrise Senior Resource Counselor to schedule a full Assessment and determine if Sunrise can provide the care that you need. Certain states also require a physician assessment prior to moving into a community. Read our confidentiality promise.

**Seniors who value their independence yet need some help with daily activities find the ideal solution at a Sunrise Senior Living community offering Assisted Living, Personal Care (Pennsylvania & Kentucky) or Licensed Residential Care (British Columbia).

† During the Sunrise Assessment, you will meet with members of the Sunrise team to determine if you or your loved one’s needs may be met in one of our communities, and if so, what care level may be appropriate. The Assessment is not a healthcare evaluation, and the results are the property of Sunrise.

Join us for Resources to Remember in November!

Join us for Resources to Remember  in November! Join us November 2-8 for Resources to Remember! All Sunrise communities will be opening their doors during this time to those interested in learning more about the Sunrise Memory Care Program, and the support and resources we make available to senior caregivers.

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Did You Miss Last Friday’s #MemoryChat with Rita Altman?

Rita Altman to Host First #MemoryChat on Twitter This Friday! Last Friday, Rita Altman, vice president of Memory Care Services, hosted Sunrise’s first-ever #MemoryChat, a Twitter forum where Rita and the rest of the Sunrise Care Team made themselves available to answer questions from Sunrise’s social media followers.

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Heart-Healthy Habits May Benefit Brain

Heart-Healthy Habits May Benefit Brain People with all different kinds of experience with Alzheimer's disease, from patients and their family members to doctors and researchers, have long been frustrated by the seeming dearth of options for treating or preventing its symptoms. Unlike illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease, which can often be controlled with lifestyle changes, Alzheimer's seemed to be determined more by the unavoidable influence of genetics and age than by anything that patients had a say in. However, new research has shown that some of the methods used to delay or alleviate the symptoms of those other diseases may also be of help to people with Alzheimer's.

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How Understanding Alzheimer's Can Lead To Better Senior Care

Understanding Alzheimer's Can Lead To Better Senior Care Despite being a common disease affecting seniors worldwide, there are still many misconceptions surrounding Alzheimer's disease. Those who haven't had experience with the illness may not know much about how it actually affects people, and people who have provided family caregiving for someone with Alzheimer's don't always fully understand it.

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