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Senior Women Prefer Living With Friends

Senior Women Prefer Living With Friends There are many lessons from the timeless television show "The Golden Girls" that older women can appreciate. The show features four senior women living together in one household, bonding over experiences, memories and shared issues that arise as the ladies continue to age.

Study finds older women prefer roommates
While not all senior women live in similar situations, many have expressed their desire to live among friends and roommates of the same age, according to an article from The New York Times. The source noted that women over the age of 65 are more likely to prefer a community or shared household as opposed to living alone - but the majority of older women do not desire living with a romantic partner. By sharing a home with people who have the same interests and similar life experiences, older women can not only cut costs, but also remain constantly immersed in a supportive and caring environment.

Marianne Kilkenny, a 64-year-old woman who founded an organization to connect seniors to other older adults looking for housing, explained to the source that she enjoys sharing a house with other people her age because it allows her the chance to just talk with friends after a long day.

"We became fairly independent," Kilkenny told the Times. "Then, at the end of the day, you're sitting in front of the TV eating your little ol' dinner and you realize you would like to have someone to say, 'How was your day?' I am no longer fiercely independent. I now can be interdependent and this is by choice."

Kilkenny added that many divorced women or those whose children live in different areas frequently desire to live among peers, as they can easily connect to and talk with these individuals.  

Senior living communities provide common space for older adults
Although some older women opt for living in shared households, many choose to move to retirement communities, which can not only provide opportunities for seniors to meet and hang out with new people, but also allow them the chance to participate in a variety of engaging activities to further connect older adults to the community. The AARP reported that the majority of older adults prefer to live in communities where they feel close to their peers - feelings that are generally built and cemented in senior communities across the U.S. 

The Carlisle Welcomes LGBT Seniors

The Carlisle Welcomes LGBT Seniors Seniors account for a significant portion of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender population, but older adults in this demographic searching for senior communities frequently face challenges associated with their sexual orientations. However, as the realm of senior care continues to shift, communities across the U.S. have begun to adopt measures to ensure LGBT older adults are welcomed, happy and safe while living in retirement.

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New App Can Connect Seniors And Families

New App Can Connect Seniors And Families When a loved one moves into a retirement community, it can often be difficult to organize visits with the entire family. Especially when relatives live in different places, getting information on a loved one's health presents a lot of challenges. On top of that, those who can't make it to the community as often as they'd like may be missing out on learning what their loved one has been up to. Fortunately, a new app, developed by the granddaughter of one of Sunrise Senior Living's own residents, is available to help solve these problems.

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The Guide To Medicare Coverage For Seniors

The Guide To Medicare Coverage For Seniors As seniors approach retirement age, they become eligible for health care coverage under Medicare, a national program for which older adults can apply to help pay portions of certain medical services and bills. While many seniors understand what the program is and when they can apply, few know about its intricacies and how to take full advantage of its features.

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Arrange Respite Stays For Loved Ones During Your Vacation

Arrange respite stays for loved ones during caregiver vacation Caregiving can be physically and mentally draining job that wears you down. You may feel like you need a break, and you're entitled to that.

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