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Understanding Living With A Rare Disease

By Tim Watt  |  February 20, 2015

Sometimes, you know something is wrong, but you're unsure of what. You head to the doctor's office to figure it out, but are told that you're fine or your symptoms are related to something else. Yet you doubt this initial diagnosis, and go home wondering whether you should get a second opinion. This is why it is so important to diagnose rare diseases correctly.

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How To Help Seniors Protect Their Vision

By Julia Little  |  February 20, 2015

People often say that the eyes are the window to the soul. But what are you supposed to do if those windows shut? Seniors can experience vision loss for a variety of reasons, both chronic and acute. Few things can stifle independence and negatively impact quality of life like losing one's vision. Thus a critical part of senior care is helping older adults preserve their eyesight and guard against vision loss.

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90-Year-Old Designer Has Big Ideas for Seniors

By Julia Little  |  February 19, 2015

Barbara Beskind has proven that design can be done at any age. Beskind works at the design company IDEO, and is defying social norms for people in Silicon Valley and across the nation. Beskind has been designing since she was 8 years old, but her most recent projects are focusing on those in retirement communities, according to NPR.

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Group Proves Hockey Is A Senior-Friendly Sport

By Tim Watt  |  February 19, 2015

Some people may believe that after a certain age, it's time to retire the hockey skates. Well, that's not the case for the Twilight League, a men's hockey organization in Corner Brook, Newfoundland, that is making senior living quite enjoyable, CBC Radio-Canada reported.

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Getting Flirty After 50: A Guide to Dating as an Older Adult

By Megan Ray  |  February 18, 2015

Meryl Streep and Diane Keaton may make senior dating look easy in the movies, but many older adults find the process to be much more daunting than what's presented by A-list celebrities. You may not be running into Mr. Right in the university library, but that doesn't mean your dating life has to remain at a standstill during your senior years.

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Help Seniors Stand Up Against Degenerative Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

By Julia Little  |  February 17, 2015

Of all the chronic health concerns that people may live with, few can have as ongoing and constant impact on well-being and lifestyle as those that target the back. When basic tasks such as walking or even standing become painful and uncomfortable, quality of life can be negatively affected.

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Encourage A Healthy Diet With These Tips For Seniors

By Megan Ray  |  February 5, 2015

Everyone's been told time and again the importance of eating well. For seniors, this is especially true. As adults age, they become prone to an increasing number of chronic health problems, not to mention the physical and cognitive aspects of the natural aging process. Both of these factors can, in many cases, be kept at bay with a healthy lifestyle, of which a well-rounded diet is an essential part.

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New Test May Improve Detection Rate Of Heart Attacks In Women

By Megan Ray  |  February 4, 2015

Cardiopulmonary disease and heart attacks are serious health risks for older individuals, men and women alike. Unfortunately, while heart disease can affect men and women equally, there is evidence to support the fact that cardiovascular conditions tend to be underdiagnosed in women, presenting a greater danger of heart attack later in life for females. A new study has examined a screening process that may potentially improve the detection rate of factors leading to heart attack, which can hopefully help doctors save more senior women from this common medical issue.

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