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Staying Safe From UV Rays

Staying Safe From UV Rays As more seniors and their families spend time outdoors, they should take proactive measures to protect themselves from the sun's harmful rays. Some activities might require more frequent attention to sun protection than others, such as water activities. Remaining protected while outdoors is universally important for those of all ages, but especially so for young children and older adults.

July marks UV Safety Month, a time during which people around the country should become more knowledgeable about the practices and products that may help them stay protected in the sun. Seniors should keep the following sun safety tips in mind before they spend time outdoors. 

Debunking skin myths
To raise awareness of proper skin safety, the Federal Occupational Health (FOH) released a quiz for people to test their UV IQ. The organization highlighted a number of myths typically associated with sun safety, providing answers for these concerns and allowing people to read about the proper precautions necessary for staying truly safe in the sun. There are several commonly accepted beliefs regarding skin care the agency sought to remedy.

For example, the FOH reported that people picking between sunscreen products should not select products based upon terms like "waterproof," "sunblock" or "sweatproof," as these monikers mean little about the functional capability of the product. Additionally, the source noted that for a sunscreen to truly be recognized as capable of blocking all sun-related damage, it must be labeled as "Broad Spectrum SPF 15." The item can feature a higher SPF, but 15 is the minimum as set forth by the FDA.

The source also noted that individuals of all skin tones are at risk for developing sun-related damage. While those with lighter pigments may have a greater chance of contracting melanoma, no skin complexion is fully protected from the sun. 

Tailoring protection to activities
The American Academy of Dermatology reported that seniors should seek extra care when staying in the sun. During peak hours, or between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., older adults should remain in shaded areas or stay well-protected. Additionally, the source noted that people who want maximum protection from the sun should sport clothing with a great deal of coverage, such as pants and long-sleeved shirts. Seniors should also avoid reflective surfaces, such as sand, water or snow, as these can intensify UV rays. 

Risky Drugs Prescribed To Seniors

Seniors should ensure they ask questions about all of their prescription medications. Research shows that seniors may want to be wary of which drugs that are being prescribed. The study found that many seniors are being prescribed so-called "risky" medications, those with a number of negative side effects.

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Seniors Respond To Robot Therapy

Seniors Respond To Robot Therapy Many health professionals and retirement communities know the value of providing pet therapy to seniors. Interacting with animals has a number of health benefits, including reducing anxiety and making socializing easier. Some communities are now trying to make this new therapy available to more people by combining the comforting presence of animals with technology.

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Brain Stimulation Essential For Cognitive Health

Brain Stimulation Essential For Cognitive Health Many older adults seek ways to prevent cognitive decline as they continue to age. Researchers have dedicated a great deal of time and resources to further examine best practices for protecting cognitive health. Certain studies have linked foods and technologies to decreased risk for developing Alzheimer's disease, but recent findings have found that education may be a large factor. 

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Cooking Creatively With Kale

Cooking Creatively With Kale Over the past several years, kale has become increasingly popular among health aficionados. This savory green vegetable pairs well with a variety of foods, including chicken, pasta and vegetables. Not only does the leafy green food pack a tasty punch, but it is also chock-full of health benefits for all those who eat it.

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