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Foods to Boost Your Brain

Foods To Boost Your Brain Over the years, a number of ingredients have earned the "brain food" title. According to The Huffington Post, although eating a balanced diet is perennially recommended for better health, people may particularly benefit from consuming certain foods that have been scientifically proven to promote cognitive function and memory.

Residents of senior living don't need to make drastic changes to their diet to improve how they eat. However, adding a few extra ingredients to daily meals may help boost brain power. Foods such as avocado, walnuts and dark chocolate are among the recommended foods, and also tasty and simple to incorporate into existing dietary plans. Try some of these ingredients and see how easy eating smart can be:

Leafy greens
You've probably been told (or told others) about the importance of "eating your greens." It's savvy advice, and following the rule yourself could make you even smarter. According to the news source, these foods, such as spinach, are rich in certain antioxidants that have been linked to delaying or decreasing one's likelihood of experiencing cognitive decline. Other super foods in this category include carrot greens, kale and chickweed.

Enjoy your leafy greens either raw or cooked to garner their brain-boosting benefits. Although you might opt for an all-natural approach to some varieties - such as spinach - other options, including chickweed, have a tangy taste that can be a bit overwhelming on its own for some palates. When this is the case, it's simple to implement a few modifications to make them easier to enjoy. Try drizzling some olive oil - another brain food - over the raw or cooked leaves, and sprinkling lightly with salt or a teaspoon of balsamic vinegar.

Fatty fish
As you probably know, not all fats are created equal. The non-saturated ones found in many varieties of fish, however, are calories you'll want to consume. According to The New York Times, you should remain cognizant of the level of mercury in the fish you're consuming, as eating too much of some types can lead to negative side effects.

Fish can be the main event in your meal, but it also plays a great supporting role when incorporated into salads and soups. A serving of French bouillabaisse, for example, packs a whole ocean into a bowl, or you may choose to flake poached salmon over a salad of leafy greens with a light dressing of olive oil and vinegar.

Nuts and seeds
Although you probably won't want to walk around with a piece of salmon in your back pocket, there are snackable super foods as well. A variety of nuts and seeds make a great choice for boosting your brain on the go. Take, for instance, walnuts, almonds or pumpkin seeds, all of which have been linked to improving cognitive function. Pair them with a handful of dried cherries or cranberries, and a few pieces of low-sugar dark chocolate, and you've got a delicious trail mix that's good for you, too.

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