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Feeling Peachy on National Peach Cobbler Day

Feeling Peachy On National Peach Cobbler Day It's been there for you for every picnic, barbecue and potluck. The classic American dessert peach cobbler is enjoyed by countless diners and picnickers every year. That's why you're encouraged to take a day to recognize one of America's favorite desserts on National Peach Cobbler Day, which will be held April 13.

Not only is peach cobbler a delicious treat, but peaches are also quite the super food, packing a whole host of vitamins and other nutritional benefits. So grab yourself a slice of yummy cobbler and brush up on your knowledge of this delectable dessert.

An American tradition
The history of one of America's favorite desserts is closely tied to the history of America itself. As one blogger at The Washington Post explained, cobbler was developed by settlers heading west across the American frontier. Pie had followed them across the ocean from England, but without modern conveniences like proper ovens, the famished frontiersman had to make do with baking their sweets over a cook fire in pots, often using biscuits as their crust. The result was the delicious baked crunchy cobbler, and it's stayed with us ever since.

Since peach cobbler made its way across the frontier for the first time, it has been as deeply embedded in the American culture as baseball and, well, apple pie. In fact, the largest peach cobbler ever created was baked at the Georgia Peach Festival in 2009. Measuring in at 11x5 feet, the enormous dessert contained a whopping 75 gallons of peaches.

The power of peaches
Not only are peaches a juicy and delicious treat, but they are also bursting with health benefits your body will love. According to, the vitamin A found in peaches is great for maintaining healthy eyesight, while the healthy dose of vitamin C does wonders for keeping your immune system healthy. Peaches are also a fruit rich in antioxidants, which are instrumental in fighting diabetes and heart disease. The National Cancer Institute also reported that antioxidants like the ones found in peaches play an important role in cancer prevention. 

Another body benefit you can glean from delicious peaches comes from their high potassium content. This helpful mineral is a key component in helping your body flush out toxins, and thus is great for promoting healthy kidneys and bladder. If that wasn't enough, a study from AgriLife Today reported that peaches may be linked to preventing certain metabolic conditions like obesity and even diabetes. 

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