Spruce Up Your Gathering With Authentic-Tasting Mocktails

By Sunrise Senior Living  |  April 24, 2015

That's not a typo! You can bring an added level of fun to your next party at the retirement community by whipping up a batch of non-alcoholic cocktails, also referred to as mocktails. These libations have all the flavor of your favorite drinks without any of the empty calories that alcohol adds. It's an especially great option for when you're getting together with friends who don't drink, so try this new twist on your favorite traditional cocktail today.

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Celebrate National Grilled Cheese Month With Healthy Sandwich Variations

By Sunrise Senior Living  |  April 21, 2015

Grilled cheese is an amazingly popular lunch choice for many Americans, so it's no surprise that somewhere along the line, April was declared National Grilled Cheese Month. To celebrate this delicious sandwich, include your favorite recipe as part of your senior nutrition plan for the month. If you want to switch up your menu a bit, you can also include one of these amazing grilled cheese variations, each of which has notable healthy ingredients.

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3 Recipes For Quick And Easy Breakfast Muffins

By Sunrise Senior Living  |  April 17, 2015

Because breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it's important to choose food that's full of nutrients. You may struggle to fit in a balanced breakfast when you have errands to run or an early morning fitness class, and on those days, a healthy muffin may be the best option for a morning meal that keeps you energized and alert.

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3 Tasty Recipes For Stuffed Peppers

By Sunrise Senior Living  |  April 16, 2015

If you're looking for ways to fit more vegetables into your diet, why not include a delicious meal of stuffed peppers into your weekly menu? This dish is a favorite of many seniors, as it is quick and easy to make and can be customized to fit individual tastes. Here are three tasty variations of stuffed peppers that make for a great weekday dinner.

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3 Nutritious Low-Carb Lunches For Seniors

By Sunrise Senior Living  |  April 14, 2015

If you're trying to lose weight or achieve other health benefits, your doctor may recommend that you cut back on carbohydrate consumption. It's tricky to lower your carb intake, especially if you're accustomed to eating bread, pasta and rice with your meals. However, once you find a few low-carb meals to get you started, it's a lot easier to make this lifestyle change. Here are a few low-carb lunches to add to your senior nutrition plan.

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Pesto Recipes To Suit Your Personal Tastes

By Sunrise Senior Living  |  April 10, 2015

Pesto is a quick and easy sauce that adds bold flavors to a meal. It also makes a good addition to your senior nutrition plan, as it contains healthy fats from the nuts. However, you may get tired of eating the same basil pesto over and over again, so why not switch up the recipe a little? There are many variations of this classic sauce that are great on pasta, sandwiches, chicken and more.

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3 Fun Twists On Bruschetta

By Sunrise Senior Living  |  April 7, 2015

Italian-food lovers are surely fans of the antipasto dish bruschetta. The dish is traditionally made by rubbing garlic on toasted bread, then topping each slice with olive oil, basil and tomatoes. However, many creative chefs have taken these classic flavors and created great new bruschetta-inspired creations. Try one of these unique variations this week as part of your senior nutrition plan.

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How To Make Chinese Egg Rolls At Home

By Sunrise Senior Living  |  April 2, 2015

For many people, egg rolls are an essential part of Chinese takeout. The rolls are the perfect mix of crunchy, savory and versatility, and they go well with just about any entree. If you're a big fan of the Chinese side dish, why wait until the next time you get takeout? Here's how you can make delicious egg rolls that taste just like the real thing.

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