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Warm Up This Winter With French Onion Soup

By Sunrise Senior Living  |  February 4, 2015

No matter what your heritage, chances are that you'll love a bowl of flavorful French onion soup. With its savory broth and cheesy topping, it's no wonder that this dish is a favorite for many people. If you're having friends from your retirement community over for dinner or just craving a meal to keep you warm during a snowstorm, make sure to put this homemade French onion soup on your menu.

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Easy Chicken Soup To Soothe A Cold

By Sunrise Senior Living  |  January 13, 2015

If you or one of your friends catches a cold this winter, there's nothing that soothes the sniffles quite like a warm bowl of chicken soup. Not only is this dish a classic comfort food, it's also been proven to help alleviate the symptoms of a cold. Whether you choose to make your tried and true family recipe or opt for this quick and easy version, a big bowl of soup may leave you feeling a little bit better and start you down the road to recovery. 

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New Recipes To Try During National Soup Month

By Sunrise Senior Living  |  January 9, 2015

It's fitting that January is National Soup Month. After all, is there anything better than a warm bowl of soup on a cold winter day? You probably have a couple go-to recipes, like chicken noodle or French onion, but this is the perfect time expand your recipe collection. Try one of these healthy senior meals for dinner tonight.

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Keep Warm With Hearty Chickpea And Spinach Soup

By Sunrise Senior Living  |  December 22, 2014

It's easy to fall into a habit of eating plain meals and lots of leftovers during the chilly winter months, but there's no reason you can't try a new recipe once in a while. Soups are quick and easy to make, and they're great to share with friends and family. If you're feeling adventurous and want to try a new recipe, this chickpea and spinach soup might be just what you're looking for.

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3 Squash Recipes To Suit Any Taste

By Sunrise Senior Living  |  October 1, 2014

Squash is an amazingly versatile veggie. Although seasonality doesn't affect most people's diets nearly as much as it used to, some foods are better suited to certain seasons. Hearty stews and hot drinks call winter to mind, while barbecue just screams summer. Squash, on the other hand, has all of its bases covered, with varieties that capture the spirit of any season.

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Beat The Heat With Chilled Soups

By Sunrise Senior Living  |  June 25, 2014

With summer quickly approaching, individuals may find that those little red lines on their thermometers are climbing with each passing day. As soon as the weather becomes a bit too balmy, people living in senior communities could be less inclined to take to their kitchens and fire up their stoves or ovens. That being said, even if you can't take the heat, you don't have to get out the kitchen. You can cool things down and enjoy a delicious summer meal by whipping up a batch or two of these refreshingly satisfying chilled soups.

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Sunday Mineste from Brighton Gardens of Florham Park, NJ

By Sunrise Senior Living  |  March 10, 2014

This delicious (and high in fiber!) soup brings back fond childhood memories at grandma’s house for the Dining Services coordinator at Brighton Gardens of Florham Park, NJ.

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Chicken and Roasted Vermicelli Soup From Sunrise of Willowbrook, IL

By Sunrise Senior Living  |  February 19, 2014

The chef at Sunrise of Willowbrook, IL, was inspired by his great aunt to create this recipe. As a child, his aunt prepared a version of this soup whenever she visited and filled their home, and hearts, with warmth. The chef continues to prepare his version of this favorite for all of his family gatherings.

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