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Spring Vegetables and Fruits Return to Sunrise Menus

Sunrise Spring Dining Menus Incorporate Fruits & Veggies The changing of the seasons also brings a change in Sunrise Dining menus. Seasonally appropriate ingredients such as cherries, strawberries, blueberries, peaches, asparagus, tomatoes, summer squash and corn, make a comeback and are highlighted in fresh and healthy dishes that meet the nutritional needs of seniors. In all Sunrise communities, including Assisted Living, Memory Care and Short-Term Stay, we make our home-cooked meals from scratch, use fresh produce and work with local vendors to ensure we’re getting the best quality we can. We never cook with added salt and often put a healthier spin on traditional recipes that residents know and love.

The Sunrise Signature Dining program is a hallmark of our commitment to championing quality of life for all seniors. In addition to giving residents choices in every meal, menus provide a variety of flavors – from classic favorites, to regional dishes and resident-suggested selections.

The new spring/summer menu launches in all communities March 30 – stop by a local community near you and enjoy!

Braised Greens with Caramelized Shallots from Sunrise of Johns Creek, GA

Braised Greens with Caramelized Shallots from Sunrise of Johns Creek, GA This is an original recipe created by the dining services coordinator at Sunrise of Johns Creek to offer fresh and healthy greens that would appeal to the taste of all of our residents. There’s a diverse community of residents who hail from upstate New York, through the South, and as far south as the Caribbean. Many residents from places outside of the South, are not accustomed to eating collards but may have grown up eating kale. The mustard greens are there for a little sharpness and bite in the flavor profile. The combination of the three types of greens was a big hit and is often requested by the residents.

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Lemon Curd Pie from Sunrise of La Jolla, CA

Lemon Curd Pie from Sunrise of La Jolla, CA This delicious confection’s recipe was taught, and given, to the dining services coordinator at Sunrise of La Jolla by his first pastry teacher. The dish has great personal meaning, as he perfected it after many tries to find the correct technique, temperature and timing. In perfecting this recipe, he gained the confidence to cook anything and it put him on the path to being a culinary professional at Sunrise. He has since served this fresh and versatile recipe at every stop on his culinary career, to rave reviews.

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Zucchini Boats from Sunrise at Pinehurst, CO

Zucchini Boats from Sunrise at Pinehurst, CO This fun and simple recipe was submitted by one of our Sunrise at Pinehurst, CO, residents for entry into our 2014 Recipes from the Heart Cookbook. At Pinehurst, the dining services coordinator regularly asks residents for their best family recipes and tries to recreate as many as possible for the whole community!

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Hummingbird Cake from Sunrise of Beaconsfield, SC

Hummingbird Cake From Sunrise of Beaconsfield, SC This recipe was shared by one of the founding members of Sunrise of Beaconsfield. She often made the recipe for her friends after their weekly tennis games and especially enjoyed watching the tennis opens – and she always had this cake on hand!

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