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Sunrise Works with Healthcare Systems to Help Reduce Readmissions

Sunrise Works with Healthcare Systems to Help Reduce Readmissions At Sunrise, we are excited to launch a new and innovative approach to health care. Not only is it tremendously beneficial to residents and their loved ones, but hospitals aiming to reduce readmissions will also likely see favorable results. Our Road Home Program was established in 2013 to help potential residents and their loved ones avoid making important decisions during times of stress, often spurred by deteriorating health. Moving from one’s previous home to a senior living community can be an intimidating decision, but together with healthcare systems, we are making strides toward lessening the burden with this new initiative.

In an effort to better coordinate care, our Road Home Program is a “test drive” opportunity for residents to call a community home for up to 30 days with complete access to all of the services and amenities that Sunrise’s long-term assisted living residents get to experience on a daily basis. Trained staff is available 24 hours a day to meet the needs of each resident. Medication management, incontinence management or other forms of daily personal care are offered as well.

Residents can enjoy an easy transition to senior living with furnished apartment options, a 24-hour bistro, as well as housekeeping and laundry services. Each community follows Sunrise Signature Dining nutritional guidelines and provides three well-balanced meals a day to match each individual’s dietary needs and culinary tastes. Special services, such as physical therapy or home care, are available as needed.

Allow our experienced and caring professionals assist in taking some of the apprehension out of a hospital discharge. Returning home without 24-hour care after a hospital stay can be daunting. The Road Home Program’s proactive approach to caring for seniors right when they need it, gives them to enjoy senior living in a comfortable and safe environment. Caregivers and family members also benefit from the peace of mind that their loved one is in good hands. Road Home Program residents who become accustomed to their stay at Sunrise have the option to make it their home upon the end of their trial period. 

Sunrise Senior Living has over 240 communities and this program is already underway in regions including, but not limited to: Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Philadelphia and North Carolina. With plans to expand the Road Home Program, we are confident that the success will be driven by satisfied residents, loved ones and professionals affected by this initiative and all that is has to offer the field of health care.

We offer a number of services tailored to a variety of healthcare needs:

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