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Suite Style Recap: A Look Back at Emily’s 2013 Design Tips

Suite Style Recap: A Look Back at Emily’s 2013 Design Tips Our 2014 annual Suite Style Contest is almost upon us, but not before we recap last year’s resident suite redesign! Lucky resident, Fran Ferguson, living at Sunrise on Connecticut Avenue in Washington, D.C., won the honor of  a complete redesign of her very own Sunrise suite by HGTV’s Emily Henderson.

After discussing her vision with Fran, Emily and her team were able to transform her room into a work of art, playing up the natural light in her suite. Her living room was painted a cheery turquoise – Fran’s favorite color – and the bedroom took on a stunning contrast between her white tufted headboard and teal walls. Fran’s new room wasn’t just beautiful; it was made more practical than ever, too! Emily hand-selected storage compartments and shelving that allow Fran to use her suite for favorite pastimes such as crafting and scrapbooking, as well as entertaining family and friends.

Check out some of Emily’s 2013 design tips for ideas of how you can make your own space fun and functional, too!

Storage Solutions for Small Spaces 

De-clutter Shelves and Decorate with Purpose

Create an Inviting Bedroom Space

Arm Yourself with Expert Advice: Sunrise’s Senior Resource Counselors

Arm Yourself with Expert Advice: Sunrise’s Senior Resource Counselors Finding a plethora of information about senior living options on the internet is not a problem. Just a few seconds after typing “care for my Mom” or “senior Living” into a search engine, hundreds of websites and links appear in your search engine results page.  In this day and age, information is easy to find, but the challenge is finding helpful information that can be applied to your own personal situation.

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Four Reasons Assisted Living May be the Right Move for Your Loved One

Four Reasons Assisted Living may be the right move for your loved one Hear from one of our senior resource counselors, Rebecca Price, as she walks us through what she considers the “Top 4” reasons why assisted living might be the right fit for your loved one’s senior living needs. With her personal experience as a caregiver and being part of the Sunrise team for 5 years, Rebecca understands the struggle to find the right fit for a loved one. Find out why assisted living may be the best option for you:

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Recognizing Memory Loss Issues Could be Indicator of Cognitive Decline

If you are concerned about issues with memory loss, discuss the problem with your doctor. Mild memory loss is a natural part of senior living. Older adults will sometimes have trouble remembering names or appointments, but will be able to remember them soon after, according to the Alzheimer's Association. Seniors might have a hard time coming up with certain words on the spot, but it shouldn't take them too long to recall it in most cases.These issues differ from dementia-related memory loss, and it's important for older adults and their caregivers to be able to recognize the difference.

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Coffee Demonstration Brews Excitement at Sunrise Lynn Valley!

Coffee Demonstration Brews Excitement At Sunrise Lynn Valley Arguably the most popular beverage among seniors, coffee is an integral part of the day for many Americans. According to an infographic from LiveScience, an estimated 65 percent of adults have at least one cup of coffee each day. Yet, while most people likely believe they know all there is to know about a cup of joe, residents at Sunrise of Lynn Valley in North Vancouver, B.C., got an up-close look at how coffee goes from bean to beverage, thanks to the expertise of one of the community's care managers.

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