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The Raimondos Win A Suite Style Makeover by Emily Henderson!

The Raimondos Win A Suite Style Makeover by Emily Henderson! This year’s Suite Style Contest winners, Helen and Dominic Raimondo of Sunrise of Gahanna, OH, are already enjoying their newly redesigned suite. Click here to take a look back as to why the Raimondos’ story helped them get nominated and win the company-wide contest! What started out as a simple, neutral room is now full of color, light and personality.

HGTV’s Emily Henderson worked with The Raimondos in the weeks leading up to the redesign to get a feel for their personalities. A mood board that reflected their chosen color palette and furniture preferences was drawn up as design inspiration. Emily and her design team flew to Sunrise of Gahanna, OH, where they worked their magic on the one-bedroom suite and the lucky couple loved the end result!

Emily and team chose to wallpaper the largest wall in the suite with a delicate white and blue-green pattern of flowers and birds, which created a stunningly beautiful accent wall. She then mixed different textures, materials and shapes throughout the room to create a cozy space. A wooden nightstand and dresser now contrast with a bright white mini bar (per Mr. Raimondo’s request!), while a grey velvet headboard contrasts with a cream storage ottoman at the foot of the bed.

Want to makeover your living space while keeping it senior friendly? Try following these five senior-friendly design tips that Emily used in The Raimondos’ Suite Style redesign. And be sure to check out the before and after photos of the suite, here, on Facebook.

Tip 1: Greenery Freshens Up Any Space

Emily recommends adding small potted plants to your living space – they add oxygen and life to any room! Worried about the maintenance of a live plant? Try a small silk plant for the same look without the upkeep.

Tip 2: Embrace Contrasting Colors and Patterns

As you get older, it naturally becomes harder to see. Make it easier by using contrasting textures, fabrics and patterns for your bedding and pillows! It adds more personality, too.

Tip 3: Get Storage Savvy and Hide Clutter

Invest in furniture pieces that can not only hold a lot – but also hide it! Look for pieces that mix open and closed storage for a more stylish look, such as the mini bar piece Emily used in The Raimondos’ redesign.

Tip 4: Invest in Multi-Functional Furniture

When living in a smaller space, it’s important that you can get more out of each piece of furniture. Look for pieces that can act in multiple ways such as the storage ottoman used in this year’s Suite Style redesign that functions as both seating and storage.

Tip 5: Change a Room’s Ambiance with Lighting

Use remote controlled lighting to create the perfect lighting for any room. Emily recommends installing wall sconces to create easily accessible light for reading in bed!

Check out extra senior-friendly design resources here: the 2014 Home Design Guide, a Senior-Friendly Interior Design infographic, and Emily’s 2014 Senior-Friendly Design Tips infographic!

Stay tuned for upcoming reveal shots that document the moment The Raimondos first saw their new space and their reactions!

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