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Welcome Spring With a Clean and Safe Living Space

Welcome Spring With A Clean And Safe Living Space Spring has almost sprung, and as the snow and ice melt, individuals living in senior communities could be eagerly awaiting warmer weather. As the thermometer starts to creep upwards and the days grow longer, some people may be inspired to begin their spring cleaning. Taking the time to sort through belongings and declutter spaces can not only make a room look neater, but it may also offer all kinds of health benefits. To assist seniors in starting the season off on the right foot, caregivers should work alongside them to tidy up their living areas in a safe manner and feel refreshed following a long winter.

Pare down your prescriptions
One of the first places you should tackle when assisting seniors with their spring cleaning efforts is the medicine cabinet. Over time, various kinds of prescriptions can pile up, including those that are expired. Additionally, seniors may accumulate medications that are no longer needed, especially if their doctors have switched the pills they are supposed to take.

For these reasons, medicine cabinets can quickly become crowded with bottles of old or unnecessary medications, which is unsightly, as well as potentially dangerous. To avoid the chances of a senior or caregiver reaching for a wrong or expired prescription, tackle clearing out the medicine cabinet first.

Usually, prescriptions will have disposal instructions printed on the bottle. If not, people should check with a pharmacist to find out the safest way possible. Also be advised that you shouldn't put pills down the sink unless told to do so, as medications can actually leach back into clean water supplies, which means that members of the general public may end up drinking these substances without even knowing it.

Eliminate allergens
The next step is to focus on eliminating allergens from all living spaces. There are various natural materials that can induce allergies among people. For example, dust, which is mostly made up of human skin cells, tends to cover surfaces of seniors' living spaces and may cause a variety of symptoms. To eradicate dust, caregivers should assist in wiping down everything - from walls and baseboards to air ducts and vents. In addition, you should replace filters in heating or cooling systems. Filters can become full of dust, and it is necessary to replace them every once in a while to ensure that dust isn't being blown back into a room.

Once dusting is done, seniors and their care providers may want to move on to the bathroom, targeting mold and mildew. Damp places serve as the perfect environments for fungi to form. By using a nontoxic cleaning agent, you can wipe both mold and mildew out, which will prevent seniors and yourself from feeling ill while breathing in fumes from the cleaning products.

Remove ground obstacles
Lastly, caregivers should walk around living spaces with seniors, pinpointing problem areas that may cause these individuals to fall. For instance, piles of magazines or newspapers may be slippery obstacles of which seniors must be careful. Also, rugs could pose a threat for some, as they can slide across smooth floors or bunch up, making it easy to trip. By ensuring that ground clutter is kept to a minimum and that all rugs are outfitted with nonskid grips, seniors and their care providers can take it easy come springtime. 

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