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Furry Friends Of Sunrise: Molly Rae

Furry Friends Of Sunrise: Molly Rae Anybody who has spent time with dogs knows what impact they can have on your mental state. If you're feeling stressed, depressed or anxious, just a few minutes with a four-legged friend can turn your whole outlook around. So it should come as no surprise that canine companions have become an important part of senior living for older adults around the country, and the house pet at Sunrise of Schaumburg is sure to charm even the most reluctant of residents.

Molly Rae has been at Sunrise of Schaumburg since she was just 12 weeks old, and she's come a long way since then. Although she was originally a rambunctious, undisciplined golden retriever puppy, today she is a 2-year-old with considerable self control who manages to perfectly read the moods of the retirement community's residents. Molly's status as a full-time resident has made her a routine part of life for residents, and she has undoubtedly had a positive impact on their well-being, whether she's cheering up someone who's feeling blue or simply greeting seniors once they wake up in the morning.

To see just how important Molly is to the residents at Sunrise of Schaumburg, you need look no further than what happened when she ran into knee problems last fall and winter. She was out of the community for long stretches, and nary a day would go by without the residents asking about how she was doing. 

Molly's role at Sunrise of Schaumburg is more than just a novelty, however, given that depression and loneliness are especially prevalent among the senior population. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, more than 6.5 million adults 65 and older struggle with symptoms of depression, which can raise their risk of disease, disability and numerous other health issues. 

Dog Show Comes to Sunrise Of Wayne, NJ

Dog Show Comes To Sunrise Of Wayne Employees at Sunrise Senior Living in Wayne, N.J., recently brought their dogs to work, and it wasn't just to visit the residents. The community hosted a canine competition that featured everything from obstacle courses to costumes - all for a good cause. The event was held in an effort to raise both awareness and funds for Alzheimer's disease research, but it also gave community and area residents the chance to see just what their four-legged friends are made of, according to Wayne Today.

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Sunrise of Lynn Valley (B.C.) Welcomes New House Dog “Coco”!

Sunrise of Lynn Valley BC Welcomes New House Dog Coco On July 30, the team and residents at Sunrise of Lynn Valley in North Vancouver, B.C., welcomed their newest resident into their lives and home. Coco, a four-year-old Poodle/Bichon mix, is petite, but full of life!

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Lulu “The Miracle Dog” at Sunrise of Bellevue, WA

Lulu “The Miracle Dog” at Sunrise of Bellevue, WA Lulu is a Golden Retriever/Australian Shepherd mix who is about 5, although this is an estimate because she is a rescue.

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Meet House Dog “Lula Bell” at Sunrise of Louisville, KY!

Meet House Dog “Lula Bell” at Sunrise of Louisville, KY! Please allow me to introduce myself: Sunrise of Louisville, Kentucky’s furry pride and joy, Lula Bell!

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