Sunrise Community Pet “Mr. Fry” Nominated for 2015 Hero Dog Award

By Sunrise Senior Living  |  March 19, 2015

Mr. Fry, the beloved community pet at Sunrise at River Road, AZ, is nominated for the 2015 Hero Dog Award, a contest held by the American Humane Association. Mr. Fry’s story is incredible! On a chilly night, the once homeless hound entered Fry’s market, located near Phoenix. He amazingly learned how to open the automatic doors so that he could enter the store to seek warmth and shelter from the cold. Store employees called Arizona Greyhound Rescue. Upon their arrival, they met with the store manager and the furry visitor who desperately needed a place to call home. Shortly after, it was established that this mystery dog is a Greyhound and Saluki mix, with a charming personality, and he was thereby named Mr. Fry.

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Decide On The Best Dog For Your Senior Living Situation

By Tim Watt  |  December 30, 2014

Study after study has found that owning a pet has proven to benefit people in general, especially senior citizens. Animals ensure that their owners keep moving, requiring individuals to keep up with them and partake in all kinds of physical activities. Pets offer a certain degree of companionship and an ample amount of affection, which promotes mental health and lowers stress levels. In addition, taking care of an animal usually leads to more opportunities for interaction, which gives people a social outlet. With all of that said, those in senior living communities should choose wisely when it comes to picking the best pet possible.

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How Pets Can Help You Live A Happier, Healthier Life

By Megan Ray  |  May 2, 2014

Everybody loves pets. The lovable household critters are sure to put a smile on almost everyone's face. But did you know that in addition to filling your home with joy, pets can also help you improve your overall health? In fact, owning a pet can be a significant part of a healthy lifestyle for many seniors.

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Furry Friends Of Sunrise: Molly Rae

By Megan Ray  |  September 23, 2013

Anybody who has spent time with dogs knows what impact they can have on your mental state. If you're feeling stressed, depressed or anxious, just a few minutes with a four-legged friend can turn your whole outlook around. So it should come as no surprise that canine companions have become an important part of senior living for older adults around the country, and the house pet at Sunrise of Schaumburg is sure to charm even the most reluctant of residents.

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Dog Show Comes to Sunrise Of Wayne, NJ

By Tim Watt  |  September 9, 2013

Employees at Sunrise Senior Living in Wayne, N.J., recently brought their dogs to work, and it wasn't just to visit the residents. The community hosted a canine competition that featured everything from obstacle courses to costumes - all for a good cause. The event was held in an effort to raise both awareness and funds for Alzheimer's disease research, but it also gave community and area residents the chance to see just what their four-legged friends are made of, according to Wayne Today.

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Sunrise of Lynn Valley (B.C.) Welcomes New House Dog “Coco”!

By Sunrise Senior Living  |  September 6, 2013

On July 30, the team and residents at Sunrise of Lynn Valley in North Vancouver, B.C., welcomed their newest resident into their lives and home. Coco, a four-year-old Poodle/Bichon mix, is petite, but full of life!

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Lulu “The Miracle Dog” at Sunrise of Bellevue, WA

By Sunrise Senior Living  |  September 3, 2013

Lulu is a Golden Retriever/Australian Shepherd mix who is about 5, although this is an estimate because she is a rescue.

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National Dog Day Recognizes The Importance Of Our Canine Friends

By Tim Watt  |  August 26, 2013

Spending time with canine companions is a vital part of life for many older adults. This is certainly the case at Sunrise Senior Living communities, where it's not unusual to see one or more dogs helping brighten the days of many residents. National Dog Day, Aug. 26, is fast approaching, so now is the perfect time to highlight the significant contributions that four-legged friends can make in improving the health and quality of life of older adults.

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