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Seniors Learn About Technology, Connect with Younger Generations

Julia Little  |  October 31, 2011
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With new technological advances coming out every day, it is easy for older adults to feel lost and left behind.

However, technological devices often make it easier for people to connect with one another, something that seniors could benefit from.

That is why Grand Rapids, Michigan is holding a Senior TechRALLY to help older adults catch up with the latest high-tech trends, WZZM News reports. The workshop will include instruction and tutorials on how to send text messages, share photos, video chat and more. Trevor Hinshaw, who is instructing the courses, says the point is to help older people learn to use technology in a way that it will enrich their lives.

"It is staying in touch with loved ones. It is accessing the new technologies that can hopefully make life a little easier and a little more fulfilling," Hinshaw told the news source. "Not that it is going to replace face-to-face time with loved ones like grandkids but anything that allows them to have another touch point I think is exciting."

In addition to helping seniors connect with younger, tech-savvy loved ones, technology is being used increasingly to help seniors stay active and independent by way of fall sensors and alerts, USA Today reports. 

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