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Meet the Sunrise at Pinehurst Team

We are pleased to introduce you to some of the team members who make our community a wonderful, comfortable place to call home.
Judi Pring | Executive Director

Judi Pring

Executive Director

“I consider it an honor when our families and residents allow us to walk alongside them at this stage in their journey.  I have learned so much from our residents, and my life perspective and priorities have changed as a result of what I do. I advocate for them, and my residents know I will listen and do all that I can to champion the quality of their lives.  My residents make me laugh, and sometimes they break my heart, but they enrich my life on a daily basis.  

At Sunrise, I know that when I make a promise to a family to care for their loved one, I will have the support to honor that promise. I’m fortunate to have found my calling and am able to spend my days caring for people with dignity and respect.”

Elisa Johnson | Director of Sales

Elisa Johnson

Director of Sales

“I love helping families find the perfect community for their loved one. Nothing is greater than seeing a resident thrive in our community and the resulting peace it brings family members.

Because of the Sunrise culture, there is a sense of pride in all who work here. I love being part of such a wonderful team of people.”

Jill Watson | Associate Director of Sales

Jill Watson

Associate Director of Sales

“Before joining the team at Sunrise, I suddenly had to look for living options for a senior relative.  Those months of searching were a great learning experience for me in the emotional struggles and information overload that caregivers and family members often experience during such a difficult time.  Recognizing and successfully addressing these challenges is essential when assisting families as they place their loved one in our Sunrise community.  I love being able, in my sales role, to significantly contribute to that process.  My goal as a Sunrise sales team member is to advocate for the best living option for every family and to create avenues for their loved one to remain happy, healthy and independent for as long as possible.

I chose to be a part of the Sunrise team because of the Sunrise Principles of Service.  The unique ways that we serve our residents and their families, based on these principles, make Sunrise of Pinehurst a culture of integrity, one that is dedicated to quality of life for everyone here, and a place where I am proud to work.”

Jennifer Soucier | Wellness Nurse

Jennifer Soucier

Wellness Nurse

“Working as a nurse is rewarding. I have a passion for helping others and enjoy knowing I make a positive difference in people’s lives. Sunrise is my second home.”

Maryann Dodgen | Assisted Living Coordinator

Maryann Dodgen

Assisted Living Coordinator

“I take pride in the fact that I consistently can (and do) make my resident’s day a little better. Even small things make a difference. 
Each day, I strive to adhere to the Sunrise mission and to champion the quality of life for all seniors.  I believe in the organization’s philosophy and follow it with all that I do.”

Angela Archibald | Reminiscence Coordinator

Angela Archibald

Reminiscence Coordinator

“For the past 10 years here at Sunrise of Pinehurst, every day has been different and rewarding.  I absolutely love my team, residents and families.  I am happy to go to work each day and I feel like I make a difference in the lives of those around me.  
I chose Sunrise Senior Living because our mission statement, core values and principles of service are not just words to me.  They guide us all to ensure quality care with a sense of purpose, dignity and integrity for our residents.  I am proud to be a part of Paul and Terry’s vision for what senior assisted living should look like.  There truly is a Sunrise Difference.”

Kenneth May | Dining Services Coordinator

Kenneth May

Dining Services Coordinator

“I love making our residents feel at home. I have a background in fine dining, which is the experience Sunrise wants provide to its residents. I’m helping to create that type of environment.”

Dana Gill | Business Office Coordinator

Dana Gill

Business Office Coordinator

“Because of Sunrise’s reputation, I jumped at the opportunity to work at Sunrise of Pinehurst.  I love the warm and homey feel of the community and enjoy getting to know the care managers and residents.

To be part of a company that puts the needs and wants of the residents first is such a privilege.  I have been welcomed into the community as though I was a member of the family.  It is truly an honor to serve the residents and team members.”

Lindsey Mesmer | Activity and Volunteer Coordinator

Lindsey Mesmer

Activity and Volunteer Coordinator

“I love bringing meaning and joy to the lives of others.  Life should be fun! Moving to an Assisted Living doesn’t mean you stop enjoying yourself.
Sunrise’s moral compass is right in line with mine. As a company, they recognize that everyone’s achievements are important to the overall success of the organization.”

Cyrus Sharafabady | Maintenance Coordinator

Behzad (Cyrus) Sharafabady

Maintenance Coordinator

“I have been serving my residents at Sunrise for more than 12 years. I enjoy coming to work every day because I strongly believe I can make a difference in the residents' lives and contribute to their quality of life. The extent of my work can be as small as hanging a handmade family picture frame for a grandmother to maintaining and repairing the heating and cooling system of the entire building. 
Sunrise's Principle Services and Core Values have become my culture and way of life. Their influence has changed my perspective of the geriatric population's needs. The residents' smiles are my daily motivation for coming to work.”

Alganesh Ambaye

Alganesh Ambaye

Reminiscence Care Manager

Alganesh is an asset to our Reminiscence team. She is hard working, positive and reliable.

Alganesh has been at Sunrise of Pinehurst since 2002, and is a certified nursing assistant (CNA). She treats all of her residents with dignity and respect, and ensures that they receive the highest quality of care, always with a smile on her face.

Alganesh loves her job because she enjoys talking with the residents. She feels like she learns so much from them through daily interactions. She enjoys that she is always busy during her shift and finds the work to be both challenging and fun. She says that the best part of her day is when she is able to solve any problems or difficulties her residents may have.

What Alganesh’s team members say about her:

“She is precise and makes sure everyone looks good. Her co-workers say that she is dependable and hard working. She never says ‘no’ to anything you ask her to do.”
– Pinehurst Life Enrichment Manager

“Alganesh is an asset to our Reminiscence team. She is hard working, positive and reliable. Our families know that their loved ones are in capable and caring hands, and she provides the highest quality of care. She is a pleasure to be around and does her work without complaint. In addition, Alganesh is a fantastic cook; I always enjoy the days that she brings in food to share with us. It is an honor to work with and know Alganesh.”
– Judi, Executive Director

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