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Assisted Living Activities at Sunrise of Westlake Village

Sunrise of Westlake Village's Programming and Activities allow each resident to experience complete life enrichment. We invite you to view our week at a glance and month at a glance activity calendars, which promote the health of the mind, body and spirit. Our vibrant programs are fulfilling and encourage our residents to celebrate the joy of every day. We help seniors live the life they want to live. Stop by a community and join one of our many daily senior activities so you can experience the Sunrise Difference.

Week at a Glance

Sunday - September 25
9:00 am Church Service with Pastor Doug
11:00 am Where in the World is...
11:00 am Dominoes with Erika
1:00 pm Movie Matinee
1:15 pm Farmers Market Outing
1:30 pm Driving Range
2:00 pm Current Events w/Otis & David
2:00 pm End of Summer Cocktail Party w/Erika
3:00 pm Interesting Facts Social
4:00 pm Travel Hour
4:00 pm Go4 Life Walk
6:30 pm Classic Movie Night in Lounge
Monday - September 26
9:00 am Morning Tea Tasting
10:00 am Upper Body Strengthening
10:30 am Outing
10:30 am Walking Club
10:30 am Outing to CVS & Bank
11:00 am This n That Trivia
1:00 pm Painting & Crafts
1:30 pm Crafternoon
2:00 pm Current Events Social w/Otis & Friends
2:00 pm Welcome to Autumn Facts & Snacks w/Erika
3:00 pm Crossword Crunch Social
4:00 pm Driving Range
6:15 pm Monday Evening Bereavement Support Group
6:30 pm Award Winning Movie Night
Tuesday - September 27
12:00 am Sunday Service with Pastor Doug
10:00 am Exercise Essentials
10:30 am Scenic Drive
10:30 am Living with anticipation drive to Old Agoura Road
10:45 am Bible Study
11:00 am Make Your Point Trivia
2:00 pm Live Entertainment
2:00 pm Dr. Appointments
2:00 pm Live Entertainment with Jimmy Brewster
3:00 pm Bingo & Margaritas Social
4:00 pm Vitamin "D" Club
4:00 pm Putting Green
4:00 pm News Hour
6:00 pm Poker Club w/Dennis
6:00 pm Mexican Train w/Claire and Friends
6:30 pm Western Movie Night
6:30 pm Tuesday Night at the Movies
Wednesday - September 28
9:00 am Dr. Appointments
9:00 am Savvy caregiver Training Group Presented by Alzheimer's Association
10:00 am Workout Wonder
10:30 am Walking Club
10:30 am Heritage Conservatory Music
11:00 am Word Wizards
1:00 pm Movie Matinee
1:30 pm Scrabble Fun w/ Margie
2:00 pm Movie Theater Outing
2:00 pm Outing to Trader Joes
2:00 pm Mens Club
2:00 pm Word Within a word social
2:30 pm Outing
3:00 pm Trivia Tease Social
4:00 pm Documentary TV Hour
6:00 pm Bridge Club
6:00 pm Poker Night
6:30 pm Action Movie Night
6:30 pm Poker Night
Thursday - September 29
10:00 am Exercise Essentials
10:30 am Heritage Home Conservatory Music
10:30 am Bible Study with Pastor Doug
11:00 am Mind Joggers
1:00 pm Arts & Crafts
1:00 pm Crafts
1:00 pm Aviation Documentary
1:30 pm Resident Council
2:00 pm Live Entertainment (Reminiscence)
2:30 pm Store Outing
3:00 pm Current Events Social
4:00 pm I Love Lucy Hour
6:00 pm Pub Night with George Clark
6:30 pm Comedy Movie Night
Friday - September 30
10:00 am Let's Get Moving
10:30 am Scenic Drive
10:30 am Walking Club
10:30 am Lunch Bunch to California Pizza Kitchen
11:00 am Who am I?
11:00 am Scenic Drive &Lunch Bunch
1:00 pm Flower Arranging
1:00 pm Bridge Club
1:30 pm Scrabble Fun w/ Margie
3:00 pm Jeopardy
3:00 pm Hangman Social
3:30 pm Californian Inspired Happy Hour
4:00 pm Walking Club
4:00 pm Comedy TV Hour
4:30 pm Shabbat
6:00 pm Pub Night with George Clark
6:30 pm Romance Movie Night
Saturday - October 1
10:00 am Exercise Essentials
10:00 am Boot Camp
10:30 am Share Your Story with Leah
11:00 am Gardening & Painting Flower Pots w/Tricia
11:00 am Finish the Lyrics
1:00 pm Movie Matinee
1:30 pm Peanut Auction w/Tricia
1:30 pm Culinary Creations w/Bina
2:00 pm Card Club
3:00 pm Saturday Trivia Social
3:00 pm "It's Trivial" Social
3:30 pm Fascinating Facts
4:00 pm Vitamin "D" Club
4:00 pm Go4 Life Walk
4:00 pm Comedy TV Hour
4:15 pm Walk & Roll About
6:30 pm Saturday Night at the movies
6:30 pm Drama Movie Night

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