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Energy Star Certified Communities

Sunrise’s commitment to environmental stewardship is demonstrated by efficient energy management in our communities. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has certified more than 30 Sunrise communities in the senior care facilities category with the ENERGY STAR award.

The ENERGY STAR certification signifies that these buildings perform in the top 25 percent of similar buildings nationwide for energy efficiency and meet strict performance levels set by the EPA. These communities use an average of 35 percent less energy and release 35 percent less carbon dioxide than typical communities.

To earn the EPA’s ENERGY STAR award, Sunrise focuses on best practices for efficiency in the areas of kitchen and laundry operations, as well as lighting and HVAC&R (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning and Refrigeration). All of our communities have a comprehensive maintenance program in place to maintain equipment and conserve energy costs. In addition, team members implement energy-efficient best practices in their daily routines to further conserve costs and energy consumption.

Learn more about our community practices and the results of Sunrise Senior Living's commitment to environmental stewardship in the infographic below.

Sunrise Energy Commitment Infographic
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Sunrise continues to improve its energy performance by making energy-conscious and cost-effective improvements to its buildings and community operations, while providing the best home for its residents. Efforts continue to add additional Sunrise communities to the list of ENERGY STAR certified buildings.

Look for the ENERGY STAR logo on certified communities’ web pages. Visit the EPA’s ENERGY STAR website for additional information on energy management in senior care facilities.

The following Sunrise Communities earned the ENERGY STAR award:

Sunrise at Bonita
Sunrise at Holladay
Sunrise at La Costa
Sunrise at River Road
Sunrise at Tustin
Sunrise of Oakland Hills
Sunrise of Chandler
Sunrise of Arlington VA
Sunrise of Chesterfield
Sunrise of Claremont
Sunrise of Cohasset
Sunrise of Danville
Sunrise of Falls Church
Sunrise of Fullerton
Sunrise of Gilbert
Sunrise of Hermosa Beach
Sunrise of Hillcrest
Sunrise of La Jolla

Sunrise of Leesburg
Sunrise of Leominster
Sunrise of McLean
Sunrise of Mercer Island
Sunrise of Mission Viejo
Sunrise of Park Ridge
Sunrise of Petaluma
Sunrise of Plano
Sunrise of Richmond
Sunrise of Sacramento
Sunrise of Scottsdale
Sunrise of Seal Beach
Sunrise of Sunnyvale
Sunrise of Walnut Creek
Sunrise of Weston
Sunrise of Worthington Tucker
Sunrise of Granite Run
Sunrise of George Mason