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New Community Planned for McLean, VA

A Home to Benefit Area Seniors and Families

Sunrise Senior Living is working to bring McLean, Va., seniors and their families high-quality assisted living and memory care services through a new community in the area of Kirby Road and Westmoreland Street. This presents a convenient location for McLean families and friends who want to be near their aging loved ones in a supportive environment.

Update: Sunrise continues to make substantial changes to the proposal. While currently on the Fairfax County Planning Commission hearing agenda in early December, we will be deferring the hearing until the first quarter of 2017. Please continue to check this website for updates, and we look forward to sharing the changes as soon as they are finalized. Thanks for your continued interest in the project.

Sunrise’s latest plans and actions directly reflect the input of local community members. Highlights include: 

  • Developing a building that is residential in character (e.g., sloped roofs, porches, residential style windows) and size to fit into the fabric of the neighborhood. Sixty-five percent of the property will remain open space, with 35 percent consisting of the building and parking lot. 
  • Reducing the height of the building to approximately 35 feet, in line with the permitted zoning height for single family homes. Cross-section comparisons show that, including the topography, the peak of Sunrise’s proposed roof would be slightly lower than the neighboring Crosswoods and L’Ambiance developments.
  • Offering lush, regionally specific landscape architecture to complement the surrounding neighborhoods, part of which will create a “screen” perimeter. Most trees will be 10 feet tall at the time of planting and grow to provide at least 35 feet of screening on all sides. 
  • Conducted traffic studies to confirm minimal impact to rush hour, as well as extending the right turn lane from Westmoreland Street onto Kirby Road. In addition, committing to shift team member schedules to help avoid the local neighborhood’s peak traffic times and school transportation periods.
  • Creating new pedestrian and bike paths that would help local students coming to and from nearby schools, as well as offer connectivity to other existing paths.  
  • A commitment to become an active member of the community and a resource for area families/seniors. This includes offering caregiver support groups as well as programming that would involve the local community, such as enriching intergenerational activities with schools close by. 
  • Ongoing discussions with Fairfax County officials and local neighbors to address their feedback or concerns and adjust our plans, as necessary.    

Fairfax County predicts that, between 2005 and 2030, area residents aged 70 and older will increase by 88 percent.* In addition the county is “expected to have a rapidly increasing population of persons age 65 and older as the Baby Boom generation ages.”**

McLean, VA development renderings

At a public hearing on May 9, 2016, the Fairfax County Health Care Advisory Board confirmed that there is a need for an assisted living community in this location. 

With more than 30 years of experience serving seniors, our Sunrise team provides a resident-centered approach to care in a safe, nurturing home. This new community will help serve today and tomorrow’s growing population by championing quality of life for all seniors. 

We are committed to providing timely updates surrounding this senior living property and will post more information, as available. We welcome you to share your questions or feedback by emailing:

For media inquiries, contact:

*Source: Fairfax County Department of Family Services 
**Source: Fairfax County Department of Neighborhood and Community Services