Less Meat, More Veggies: Food Trends Of 2013

Sunrise Senior Living  |  April 3, 2013

Every year, there seem to be "it" foods that move from the shelves of specialty foods stores to mainstream supermarkets, where they get snapped up by health-conscious consumers looking for the next key to excellent health. Some food fads fade away after a year, but AARP reports that this year's trends may have some staying power - good news for seniors who are hopping on the healthy food bandwagon.

One trend seems to be less meat and more veggies, the news outlet reports. The Department of Agriculture predicts Americans will eat about 200 pounds of meat in 2013, whereas in 2007, it recorded nearly 222 pounds. When we do eat meat this year, more of it will be hormone-free, locally raised and grass-fed, which is better for health and the planet, according to the news outlet. Making up for the loss of meat on Americans' plates is more vegetables. Keeping with the government's recommendation of filling half a plate with produce at each meal, Americans are stocking up on vitamin-rich veggies like kale and Brussels sprouts, AARP reports.

Seniors and other consumers are also getting their veggies in juice form. Great options for seniors who have difficulty chewing, juices are back in style, and juicers - appliances that separate the liquid from pulp - are popular. Blending healthy foods like apples, cucumbers, beets and carrots is a great way to get in hearty vitamins and minerals and improve senior health. 

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