Emily Henderson Shares Her 2014 Senior-Friendly Design Tips

Sunrise Senior Living  |  April 28, 2014

We are gearing up for yet another amazing Suite Style Contest redesign and this time HGTV’s Emily Henderson is taking her design expertise to Sunrise of Gahanna, OH!  In early May, she will be treating residents Helen and Dominic Raimando to a revamped resident suite that speaks to both their needs and personal style! Check out our latest infographic detailing her 2014 senior-friendly design tips that she’ll be keeping in mind when redesigning The Raimandos’ living space.

Emily Henderson Shares Her 2014 Senior-Friendly Design Tips

Tips to Tweet

  • Add a touch of greenery to your space with easy-to-maintain plants like ferns! [Tweet this]
  • Decrease clutter with multi-tasking furniture like storage ottomans! [Tweet this]
  • Calming, happy colors like cool blues, greens and warm neutrals can change a room! [Tweet this]
  • Store clutter in pretty, stackable storage boxes to avoid an eyesore! [Tweet this]
  • Choose safer furniture, not tables with sharp corners or glass furniture that’s hard to see! [Tweet this]
  • Choose lamps with easy-touch sensors and three-way lighting to customize a room! [Tweet this]
  • Use contrasting colors in bedding to make it easier to see on senior eyes! [Tweet this]
  • Choose accessories that conjure up memories for a personal touch! [Tweet this]
  • Clear off tables and instead install art shelves for trinkets and family photos! [Tweet this]
  • Keep files in closed bottom cabinets and stylish mementos out in the open with shelving! [Tweet this]

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