The Benefits Of Reorganizing Your Space

Tim Watt  |  April 28, 2016

If you close your eyes and walk around your living space, can you do so without bumping into anything? You know your home like the back of your hand, so of course you can! But if you're getting bored with the same old thing, maybe you should consider giving your home a fresh makeover. It might just help your health along the way.

The clutter in your home directly relates to the clutter in your life, explained Shape magazine.

"At the end of the day, being organized is about having more time for yourself, and enabling you to live a more balanced life," Dr. Eva Selhub told the publication. Reorganizing your home gives you the opportunity for a fresh start - which is something you're never too old for. The source explained that a new look can encourage better senior care with a healthier lifestyle, happier relationships and even give your workouts a boost.

This is because all the possessions that you've gathered over the years have the power to hold you back, explained The source explained that researchers have used diagnostic tools like MRIs and determined that physical belongings hurt your mental ability to concentrate and even properly take in information. They can make you feel anxious, tired and overwhelmed. But an organized space has just the opposite affect, and will make you feel concentrated and focused.

So what are you waiting for? Reclaim your space - and your sanity. Check out these simple steps to an effective reorganization of your home:

Step 1. Throw Away Meaningless Possessions
First thing's first: Get rid of the garbage. Make a pile of everything you don't need and trash it with no regrets. That junk drawer you have? Dump it all! It's got that nickname for a reason right? Once you have all of that out of the way, you can really dig in and reorganize. 

Step 2. Make Your Favorite Belongings Easily Accessible 
Now that you've got the extra space, it's time to put all your favorite belongings in places where they are easily accessible to you. As you get older, it can be dangerous to have to reach too high or stoop too low to get whatever you're looking for, so save yourself the aggravation and risk. Organize your pantry, cupboards and closet space in a way that it will be easy for you to grab what you need and go. 

Step 3. Let In The Light And Bring In Some Flora
Having a good view of the outdoors and some fresh light in your home will help you keep your sanity - especially in the winter months. Senior Housing Net also explained that bringing some of the outdoors inside will bring some fresh life to your home. Surrounding yourself with spring flowers or houseplants will invariably give you positive energy. 

Plus, the color green - especially the more natural hues - helps stimulate creativity, reported Prevention magazine. Overall, the color has a strange power ignite desire for self-improvement.

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