Gardening in the Golden Years: Part 3

Tim Watt  |  August 13, 2011

Woman holding plantsNow that you've finally planned your garden to perfection, it's time to think about how much time and effort you want to put into it. While avid gardeners may want to spend all day with their sprouts, a low-maintenance plot can be fulfilling to both greenthumbs and novices alike - especially if you're looking to enjoy the other amenities available at a senior living community in your spare time.

The first step is to find perennials that are hardier and more self-sufficient than other, more delicate flowers, according to The Ithaca Journal. Ferns and native wildflowers are particularly well-suited for this approach. If you choose to plant some shrubs, make sure they have enough room to fully grow - the publication recommends giving each plant eight feet of space.

Scatter some woodchips between the sprouts and then layer the areas with mulch. The news source states that mulch can also be used as a way to prevent weed growth around trees.

Once the shrubs have started to flourish, gardeners should plant bulbs that flower in the spring or fall to bring a nice pop of color in their plot!

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