One in 10 Seniors Don't Use Medication Properly

Julia Little  |  August 27, 2011

Handul of PillsA new study published in The Journal of Cancer Survivorship stressed the financial and medical hardships facing seniors who are trying to stay healthy. Researchers found that one out every 10 Medicare beneficiaries don't maintain their prescriptions because of the cost.

One of the most common habits is skipping pills to make the current box last a little longer. Other older adults don't get new prescriptions filled at all, because they are trying to cut corners and tighten their budgets.

This appears to be a big burden for patients who have cancer. Paying for the bills for cancer treatment take such a toll that seniors often don't have enough funds for medication. Some seniors even said that they were spending less on basic necessities, like food and heat, to afford their pills.

Families who are looking after a loved one with a chronic condition may find it difficult to encourage consistent medication consumption on top of other caregiving duties. If you're worried that a parent isn't taking all the required medicine, you should talk to Mom or Dad about the matter to try to find a solution together. 

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