Vacations For Seniors On Land And Sea

Julia Little  |  August 1, 2014

With the biggest summer holidays over, travel season is beginning to wind down for many people. That means it's a great time for those who still want to get out of the house. August and even early September can be great times to travel without having to worry about the crowds and the hassle that accompany more popular times, such as around Memorial Day or Independence Day. Seniors have plenty of options for exciting trips that aren't quite as taxing as a summer camping trip or visit to an amusement park.

Offshore adventures 
Cruises can be a great way to see new places without leaving comfort behind,  according to HomeAway. Specifically, the site recommends river trips, but even an ocean cruise can serve the same purpose. River boats are more likely to make stops in a number of towns, but some ocean trips also stick closer to the coast and make frequent stops in ports. The advantage here is that travelers get to see a great variety of places without having to constantly switch between planes, trains and buses, or having to hike mile after mile for a new view.

While on board, seniors can enjoy all the amenities that the cruise has to offer and take in the riverfront or coastline view. Then when the boat docks, they get to experience a vacation in town. For those looking to extend their trip, they can pick a cruise that ends up at an interesting destination and spend a few more days there.

American history 
Complete Senior recommended a couple of cities for those who would rather explore one place than get a sample of many. The site suggested visiting Washington, D.C., or Baltimore, Maryland. Both spots are full of history, which makes them popular for travelers of all ages. A city vacation may be the best choice for seniors who rely on family caregiving, as caregivers can come along for the trip.

Especially in D.C., visitors get the chance to see the progression of the nation's history by browsing through museums and touring currently active government buildings. The city also has an excellent public transportation system and offers some opportunities for affordable dining.

Baltimore is reportedly a good destination for seniors, as it combines a dose of American history, such as old naval ships and museums, with a welcoming modern environment. Complete Senior suggested visiting the aquarium or checking out the local sports teams.

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