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Go Green This Spring

Many Sunrise residents have a leg up when it comes to Earth Day observances. 33 of Sunrise's buildings boast an Energy Star certification, and it was the first senior living provider to achieve the distinction. This April 22, whether you plan on heading outside or staying in, join your fellow community members in the green movement with these tips for celebrating Earth Day.

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Say 'Bug Off' This World Health Day

April is here, which means it's time once again for World Health Day, coming up on April 7. First observed in 1950 as a way to commemorate the anniversary of the foundation of the World Health Organization, every year sees a different theme, with the goal of raising awareness of a specific global public health issue. This year's theme is vector-borne diseases, and you can observe the holiday by familiarizing yourself with the following important information on the topic.

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Honor Earth Day and Adopt Environmentally Friendly Habits

As the weather finally turns the corner, and the world welcomes the spring season, you may be venturing outside more frequently so you can breathe in a generous dose of fresh air and listen to a choir of birds chirp. Surrounded by such a serene scene, you may come to appreciate nature all the more, which will open your eyes to the importance of respecting the environment and preserving the beautiful world in which we live. April 22 marks Earth Day, a fitting time to fuel your appreciation for Mother Nature by decreasing your environmental impact. If you and others throughout your senior living community make a few of the following changes throughout your daily lives, you could ultimately do your part in reducing damage to our planet.

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A No-Fooling Look at April Fool's Day

April 1 has long been synonymous with jokes, gags, pranks and tomfoolery. One of the most playful days of the year, April Fool's Day, or  All Fools' Day as it's also known, has a history nearly as colorful and diverse as the myriad ways it is celebrated. This year, take a quick break from all the shenanigans to learn a bit about the history of this lighthearted holiday, as well as some of the most outlandish ways people have paid homage to it.

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Embrace National Butterfly Day by Making Your Own Feeder

There are certain signs spring has arrived that generally make you feel young again. While snow melting, birds chirping and daffodils blooming are all sure ways to get into the spirit of the season, you know you're ready to welcome spring once butterflies start to make an appearance. March 14 is National Butterfly Day, and in celebration of this day, you and others in your senior living community should think about heading outside to make your own butterfly feeders. It's pretty simple to do so, and by following these quick steps, you can attract a fair amount of butterflies to your garden:

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Embrace International Women's Day With Simple Acts

As you take a look at the world today, it is difficult to imagine that within the last hundred years, women throughout the U.S. were not able to participate in many of the activities that we now take for granted. If you walk into a voting booth, a college lecture hall or even an executive board meeting, it wouldn't seem so strange to come across those of the female gender - but that was not always so and, in some places around the globe, that is still not the case. March 8 marks International Women's Day, which means that you and your fellow senior community members should acknowledge the significant strides made in reaching gender equality, in addition to recognizing the pushes that need to be made.

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Tales Of Love For National Wedding Month

Ring the bells, because February is National Wedding Month. Although many people picture young couples when they think of weddings, there is truly no age limit on love. Residents of senior living may particularly enjoy these tales of new relationships that blossomed at an older age.

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Black History Month: A Celebration For The Whole Year

Each February, people across the U.S. celebrate Black History Month. Also known as National African American History Month, the four-week period offers an opportunity for the country to commemorate events in the history of our nation, as well as those achievements made today by members of the African-American community. Residents of senior living can also take a moment to learn about the history of the occasion and how it's celebrated, and to begin conversations that will continue throughout the coming months and years.

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