Mood Board

Sunrise Senior Living  |  February 15, 2012

Sunrise has partnered with professional designer and HGTV host Emily Henderson to provide her expert advice and recommendations for designing stylish spaces for seniors’ safety and comfort.

Emily shared this mood board to illustrate the design concepts, furniture and accessories she recommends for seniors to use, whether living in a Sunrise community or in their own home. Follow our blog throughout the coming weeks to see each of her 10 tips!

Here’s a message from Emily about her design concepts and her impression of Sunrise:

Sunrise Senior Living communities: Think of it like going to college, except without gaining the freshman 15, and you don't have to take Bio 101 unless you want to. You get to live with your peers, have people cook for you and dance all the time (or so I hear). I swear that the residents’ social calendar is busier than mine, which is impressive.

But, downsizing can be daunting and moving again can be intimidating. The Sunrise Senior Living communities don't lack personality and don't lack warmth - but on top of that, you can decorate your rooms however you want. I've created a design plan that is at once stylish, yet functional and warm yet modern, and always accommodates the needs and wants of seniors. Just because you may have grandchildren, it doesn't mean your room has to be 'granny' and full of doilies. I’ve shared ten tips and furniture suggestions to help you achieve an inviting and beautiful home - because you are never too old to be stylish!

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