What Are The Best Christmas Gifts For A Senior Loved One?

Tim Watt  |  December 19, 2012

Choosing the "right" Christmas gift for anyone on your list can be a challenge, but when it comes to shopping for seniors, you might find you have even more trouble. They may say they don't want anything, and if they are residing in senior living communities, they may not actually need much by way of practical gifts. Yet you and your family still want to continue the spirit of giving. What to do? Here are some gift ideas that might please even the most fickle loved one on your list.

From the heart
There is always something the senior who "has everything" doesn't have - especially when that "thing" comes from the heart! A homemade gift from the children is always a good option for a senior loved one, but you can get personal by making your own homemade gifts, too. For your mom or dad, put together a photo album of pictures of just you two over the years. Start with baby pictures and end with a recent photo. A trip down memory lane is always a welcome gift. Another option is to make a family photo calendar with each family member's birthday on it. This will help jog the senior's memory when birthdays come around and remind them that family is always close.

Make it practical
Some seniors appreciate practicality behind gifts. In this case, think about how the senior lives his or her daily life and consider gifts that could make it easier. Maybe an ergonomic vegetable peeler would be useful for your mom if she loves to cook, but has arthritis, and a new chair with handrails would make it more comfortable for dad to sit out on the sun porch if that's his afternoon ritual.

Gifts that keep giving
Gift cards may not seem like the most meaningful gift, but when they are well thought out they can be. Maybe grandma loves getting her hair and nails done - a gift card to the salon is a perfect way to treat her to something she loves while giving her an excuse to get out of the house and have fun. Another option could be a gift card to a restaurant for your elderly parents to enjoy together.

Movies and music are also gifts that your loved one can continue to enjoy. You could make a mix CD of his or her favorite classic tunes, or buy a set of classic movies that he or she will always enjoy watching because they bring back happy memories.