Sunrise Dining Update

, Sunrise VP of Dining  |  January 11, 2013

Over the last few months, the Sunrise Dining Team has traveled extensively, visiting with residents and following up on comments made in our recent Resident Satisfaction Survey. We continue to make numerous improvements in our Dining Program to ensure you consistently have a healthy and enjoyable experience. We also know this is your home, and the meals we make should taste just as good as those from your own kitchen. I am excited to share with you some of the recent changes that we have put into practice.

  • We know that regional menus and variety are key to satisfying fare, which is why we change our menus every six months to capture the best of the season and provide you with fresh, local ingredients. Recently, we launched our new Fall/Winter menu, which I hope you have been enjoying. Don’t forget, all communities have the ability to make changes to the “Also Available” portion of our service, which is where input from Food Committee meetings can be seen. We have also developed new menus for our Independent Living, Canadian, and Midwest cottage communities, and have plans for more regional changes in the future.
  • Every community incorporates fresh, seasonal, and local produce throughout the year – for instance, this summer was a great season for stone fruit and so we featured desserts such as Peach Melba, using fresh peaches. This commitment to fresh ingredients extends to all areas of our menu. Every community incorporates fresh, seasonal, and local produce throughout the year.
  • Nutrition is at the forefront of our planning. In fact, over the past few weeks you may have seen our new “low-sodium” salad dressings. A true team effort, these items were developed by our chefs and residents, and tested extensively in our communities. In addition, all communities have been switched to a “light” mayonnaise, which is lower in fat and cholesterol but still tastes great! Nutrition is at the forefront of our planning. 
  • Knowledge is the first step in making healthy choices. We have developed programs with our activities teams focused on food and nutrition, bringing our Sunrise chefs out of the kitchen and sharing their expertise with residents.
  • We want to empower you to take that knowledge and make healthy decisions. We have developed new “icons” for our table menus that point out nutritional values such as low-fat, low-sodium, high-calcium and vegetarian options.

We hope that you are enjoying these additions to our Dining Program and encourage you to share your thoughts, feedback and suggestions with our team. We will continue to work hard to ensure your dining experience is always pleasant and nutritious.


Tim Whelan
Vice President, Dining Services

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