Tech Talks: Gadgets That Can Help Seniors

Sunrise Senior Living  |  July 19, 2016

Right now, there is a ton of technology available for seniors. So much that it can be hard to know what you should be paying attention to or what you should dismiss. 

Technology is important for a variety or reasons. It can help you better manage your health and lifestyle, giving you the independence to live on your own that seniors so crave. Here's a list of beneficial senior care technologies that you need to keep your eye on that might also be worth investing in.

Household Aid Technology 
Chores have never been anyone's idea of fun, but as you age, sometimes these cleaning routines aren't just tedious, they're actual challenges for seniors. If getting around your home isn't as easy as it once was, there's good news for you. There are several technologies dedicated to helping seniors clean up around the house with hands-free robots. explained that there are robots available that can do most chores - everything from vacuuming, to washing the floors, and even cleaning the gutters, all of which are practical technologies for seniors. Now if something spills, the robot will take care of it! Seems pretty futuristic, but the technology is here.

Other household technology helps seniors monitor their home. There are digital thermometers that seniors can control from any point of the house. Should they need to make the bedroom warmer or colder, it can be done without needing to even get out of bed. Similarly, there is technology available to control the temperature of their shower to keep the water from getting too hot and burning sensitive skin, reported The kitchen is another area of concern, especially for forgetful seniors. Believe it or not, there are devices that can control stovetop burners from reaching a certain degree - if they get too hot, they will shut off. 

Personal Aid Technology
Right now, there is a ton of technology available right on your phone. It seems like every day health care developers are creating new apps that help monitor and manage senior care. You've probably heard about Apple's recent launch of CareKit, the tool helping patients actively take health care into their own hands. Right now the app is already being used by Parkinson's disease patients, explained Healthcare Daily Online. It allows the users and their caregivers to track their health plan effectiveness. These mobile apps are incredibly useful tools when it comes to keeping patients involved in their own care. Seniors can also use mobile tech to play games that stimulate the brain with memory care games. The opportunities of this technology seems endless. 

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