NYC Yoga Class Caters To Seniors

Julia Little  |  June 26, 2012

Yoga has proven to be a beneficial exercise for people of all ages and abilities, but Molly Lehman, co-owner of a new yoga studio on the upper East Side in New York, noticed that seniors may not get their best practice when they are surrounded by younger yogis in classes. That's why her new studio, House of Jai, offers sessions specifically for those over 65, the New York Daily News reports.

Although the practice will be catered to older adults, it will still be challenging, Lehman told the news outlet.

"We're not going to be babying them," Lehman told the news outlet. "It's about honoring where they're at and honoring their ability to do a very serious physical practice."

The inspiration for the seniors-only sessions came after Lehman offered private classes to Bunny Grossinger, 87, after she nearly gave up on exercise, the news outlet reports. She has serious back problems that limited her mobility. When Lehman started helping her practice yoga, Grossinger found that her life was changed physically and mentally. Though doctors had told her she would need a walker soon, she proudly told the news outlet that now she can walk.

Grossinger is not alone in her beneficial exercise practices. According to, about 2.9 million seniors age 55 and older are practicing yoga as part of their senior living routine. It has proven to be a beneficial way for seniors to work out, since it is low-impact and modifiable to an individual's abilities. 

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