Veteran & Resident Of Sunrise At Fox Hill Honors The American Flag

Tim Watt  |  June 12, 2015

Sunrise at Fox Hill (Bethesda, Maryland) resident Donald Marks turned 91 years old last week! Every morning, he takes a leisurely walk around making use of the beautiful walking paths that surround the community. Each time Don passes the American flag he takes a moment to pause, salute and recite the pledge of allegiance.

Exercise is hugely important to Don. He was a lifelong marathon runner, completing his last marathon in his late 60's and continuing competitive running until he was 85. He's out and about, rain or shine. In the wintertime, he bundles up from the cold with a face mask, goggles, ski hat, etc., but he's out walking nonetheless. His dedication to fitness and health is remarkable!

Don is also a decorated WWII veteran. He landed on Normandy Beach within a week or two of the initial US landing and at one point worked on the "Unbreakable Code". He was even pulled from basic service due to his high IQ! Don is decorated with several war medals, including the Legion of Honor from the government of France, which he received just a few years ago.

Don is a proud veteran of WWII. Don is a proud veteran of WWII.

Don's regular morning walks combine two things that he is so passionate about—exercise and his love for the United States – and it's become a familiar, comforting sight for all Sunrise at Fox Hill team members and residents.

This coming Sunday, June 14, is Flag Day and we're sure Don will be celebrating along with fellow veterans. Although not an official federal holiday, Flag Day, commemorates the day on which the American flag was adopted in 1777 and also marks the United States Army's birthday. We hope you will take some time this Flag Day to celebrate the red, white and blue!

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