Group Activities To Try With Your Friends

Julia Little  |  June 22, 2016

Looking for some fun activities to do with your friends? There are tons of interesting things to do for all physical and mental capabilities. Check out these ideas that will help shake up your usual routine. 

As you get older, research has proved that being social is good for your health, reported the American Grandparents Association. Studies have found that staying socially active adds years on to your life. Additionally, being social strengthens your immune system and decreases your chance of getting disease like strokes because spending time with people you enjoy lowers blood pressure. The source also reported that social activities help your brain ward of memory loss and other cognitive impairments.

Sounds like the best thing for your health is to grab your friends and have some adventures. The good news - there are tons of engaging activities that you and your friends can get into at any age, check them out:

Join A Book Club
Joining a book club will bring you and your friends together with new people who share common interests, said Retire At Home Services blog. Reading has a variety of health benefits, too. For one, seniors can better exercise their eyes and brain by giving it something to work on. The story itself also gives seniors something to do when they aren't engaged with others and an event to look forward to every week. Plus, this activity is great to do before bed, helping promote better sleep quality. 

Try Out For A Choir
Not only is singing in the shower fun, but it's perfected you for tryouts at your local choir. The San Francisco Classical Voice reported that singing is a great way to promote health and overall well-being. Specifically, research has found that those who sing tend to have better memory and are less anxious. If you and your friends are song birds, this is the activity for you. 

Sign Up For Art Classes
Art is another fun activity that is beneficial for your health. The Huffington Post discussed cognitive research conducted in Germany that found that art had the power to delay deterioration of the brain due to age-related reasons. Your brain has to work hard to create and remember patterns in order to pull together a masterpiece, so it really acts as a fun cognitive exercise for you and your crew.

Consider Synchronized Swim Classes
Water aerobics classes have always been popular for seniors, but why not spice it up a little? explained that water activities help relieve  joint pressure in seniors suffering from stiff muscles, and improves cardiovascular health. The activity helps get heart rates up, burn fat and strengthens muscles. When you add in the synchronized bit, you improve memory skills. The source also said that you can try water yoga or water pilates if you don't think you'll be good at holding your breath underwater for long.

Reenact The Civil War
The Greatist suggested you and your friends look into a reenactment group if you're big into history. The source says that this is actually a fairly physical activity because the groups stay true to history, and back then everyone was on horseback, walking or running, so get ready for some action. These might not be available in your area, but if you like the idea, why not start your own group?

Drop Into A Cooking Class
You're already owner of the title "World's Best Chef" for your homemade pies, but who says you can't learn new dishes? Join a cooking class and learn some new dishes that are not only yummy, but also learn some new recipes that are particularly healthy for you as you get older. 

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