Should You Take a Parent With You to Tour Senior Living?

Sunrise Senior Living  |  June 8, 2018
Should You Take a Parent With You to Tour Senior Living?

As you begin searching for assisted living communities for a senior family member, one question that often arises is whether you should bring them with you when you tour a community for the first time. If your loved one is excited to make this move, they might enjoy looking at every community with you.

Sometimes, however, it is better to tour each potential community first and narrow down the choices. Then, you can bring your family member back for a second tour of the assisted living communities that seem like the best fit. 

It’s a very personal decision that only you and your loved one can make, but there are a few factors to consider as you do.

3 Factors to Consider Before Taking a Senior on an Assisted Living Tour

1. Interests and physical ability

If your family elder has problems with mobility or memory, limiting the number of assisted living communities they tour might be the best approach. They will still feel involved in the process and have an opportunity to look around the community without being overly taxed.

On the other hand, if the senior is looking forward to this transition and is able to join you, they might enjoy the opportunity to look around each community. Meeting a few residents and getting to know team members can help the senior feel empowered.

2. Anxiety and fear of change

Is your senior loved one experiencing anxiety that goes deeper than just a few butterflies about making a change? The process of downsizing and moving can be overwhelming at any age, but especially so for older adults who may have lived in their home for decades. It can lead to high levels of anxiety and fear about the transition. 

Moving can also be more difficult for people with dementia. Touring multiple communities may increase agitation and confusion.

There’s no reason to unnecessarily add to an older adult’s anxiety. Visiting communities on your own might be best. You can narrow your list to one or two communities and visit those again with your loved one.

3. The reluctant senior

When a senior isn’t fully on board with making a move to assisted living, taking them to visit communities you haven’t yet seen for yourself can be risky. If the community is obviously not the right fit, it may make it more difficult to convince the senior to visit any more communities. 

This is another situation where it might be better for you to tour and screen potential assisted living communities first.

Visit Sunrise at Your Convenience

Whether you are visiting on your own or bringing a senior family member along with you, the door is always open at Sunrise. You can join us for a tour and lunch or schedule a visit that allows you and your loved one to participate in one of our many life enrichment activities. Contact the Sunrise nearest you to schedule a time.