Spring Cleaning Brings Discussions About Senior Living

Amy DiStefano, Sunrise Senior Living Resource Counselor  |  May 20, 2015

Our country has seen some record breaking cold temperatures and snow accumulation this year. This leads to isolation for many of us, including our beloved seniors. Thankfully, the sun and warmth of spring brings a rejuvenation of the body and mind. And some studies show that May is the happiest month of the year, so it seems like a perfect opportunity to broach the subject of assisted living options with your loved one. Naturally, this conversation usually opens up the discussion around assisted living versus homecare. Many feel very connected to their home and the thought of leaving it presents as frightening, overwhelming and daunting. Below are some talking points to highlight some of the advantages of assisted living over homecare to help guide this discussion with your loved ones:

When our loved one is home alone, there could be added stress related to feeling safe. Fear of break-ins, elder scams or even falls adds to the concern for all involved parties. Sunrise offers 24/7 caregivers and emergency response, visitor check-ins with our front desk concierges, attendance taken at every meal to ensure our residents are accounted for, personal invitations multiples times a day by a team member to participate in social programs, and more. While an in-home caregiver is present, they are typically assigned a set shift, where in assisted living there is always a team member on-site to help. Additionally, our senior living experts are making our communities safer by deliberately designing livings spaces to be safer – no throw/area rugs as a fall hazard, to start. We look at every detail down to the paint colors, which are selected to help vision-impaired residents.

Company and Friendship
Although the feeling of being in one’s own home provides an aspect of comfort, there is a huge piece that gets missed when a senior opts for homecare over assisted living. That piece is filling the human need for social interaction with peers. At Sunrise, we have dynamic and creative Activities Program Leaders, who foster relationships between our residents. They also create meaningful programs and entertainment to provide purpose for our residents. Prior to admission, we ask that our residents complete personal profiles to learn about them – their interests, hobbies, joys, and goals so that we can help them continue to grow. Sitting at home and watching TV while a caregiver comes in for a few hours a day will not fill this void for company, friendship and interaction like assisted living programs can.

The cost of managing a home can be expensive. The balance of mortgage, taxes, utilities, interior/exterior maintenance and more, can add up quickly. The advantage of assisted living is that the majority of costs are summarized on one monthly bill. For typically around $200/day, your loved ones needs can be met – from meals, to housekeeping, to entertainment and beyond.

Want to learn more about assisted living at Sunrise? Click here to find a community or call Amy and our other senior resource counselors at 888-434-4648 to chat about your senior living options.