Fun Indoor Activities For You And Your Grandkids

Megan Ray  |  May 27, 2016

Spending time with your grandkids is obviously immensely rewarding, but sometimes it can be tough to keep up with their seemingly boundless energy. Next time your grandchildren visit, having a few activities planned can be a way to reign in the chaos and make a few memories along the way.

Here are a few ideas to try out next time your grandkids come over for a visit.

Arts and Crafts
As Family Education pointed out, kids love to make things on their own, and a favorite arts and crafts activity is perfect for a rainy day indoors. This could be as simple as drawing or coloring or become a much bigger project.

Swing by the craft store to pick up supplies, and try out some classic activities like making a pet rock or working on papier-mâché. Otherwise, consider searching online for a few ideas or give your grandkids a call and see what they like to do best.

Educational activities
Children have an endearing natural curiosity that lends itself to many activities to try at home. Consider a favorite science experiment that will be both engaging and educational. For example, use your papier-mâché to build a volcano and use vinegar and baking soda to simulate an eruption.

AARP reported that there are a ton of other fun science activities that will be great to try with grandkids, as well as many games online that they may enjoy. If your grandchildren visit often, you may want to work on an on-going venture. A backyard garden is great because you can see progress so clearly. Similarly, building a birdhouse or ant farm can be great because many young people are especially interested in animals.

Try out some sports
Another way to take advantage of your grandkids' energy is to give them an opportunity to run around. If the weather permits, run them ragged in the backyard. However if your grandchildren visit on a rainy day, you'll need to be a bit more clever.

Find a room of the house that has open space and grab a ball. Start by calmly passing it back and forth and invent new rules and stipulations as you go. Inventing a game that is special to your house or apartment will make it even more memorable for your grandkids. Otherwise, games like hockey or basketball can be played indoors if you lay down a few safety rules first. 

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