Buddies in East Brunswick: An Unexpected Friendship

Sunrise Senior Living  |  May 26, 2017

“Sometimes the most unexpected friends, are the best ones.”

After searching long and hard for the perfect senior living community, Margaret Zimmerman moved into Sunrise of East Brunswick, NJ, and called it home. Soon after she moved in, there was a knock on her door and in came a nurse and another woman. Her friendly voice spoke out, as she introduced herself. Her name was Margaret Sweeney. 

The community nurses knew from daily interactions with both women separately that they had a lot in common, and wanted to connect them in hopes of building a new friendship. From that day forward, the two Margarets became inseparable. They both learned just how many similar interests and experiences they shared. Both came from the “country,” adore animals, and can put a smile on anyone’s face when you pass by them in the community.

Today, the two Margaret’s are rarely seen without the other, and they make sure to attend every trip and activity that is available to them. Their friendship has even brought both of their musical talents back to life. Ms. Zimmerman played the piano and organ for many years and Ms. Sweeney was quite the accordion player back in the day. Playing their respective instruments in their spare time is now a daily occurrence in both of their suites.

The transition into an assisted living community may not always be the easiest, but when you have a friend, it can make all the difference. These two friends now bring their joy and energy to each activity and spread their positivity wherever they go. Not only has this unexpected friendship been a blessing for the two Margarets, but for their families and the Sunrise of East Brunswick community too. 

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