Paying Tribute to the Greatest Generation on Veterans Day

Sunrise Senior Living  |  November 11, 2017

We call them the Greatest Generation. This term was created by renowned newsman Tom Brokaw to describe the generation of people who came of age during a time of great upheaval and change. The Great Depression and World War II shaped them. These austere years were followed by the most prosperous time in the history of our nation. 

But it all started with the sacrifices this generation made. Whether they headed off to war to defend our country or rationed staple items at home so they could contribute more to the war effort, this is a generation known for their strong work ethic, frugality, and commitment to country.

In honor of their service and sacrifice, we wanted to share a few ideas you can use to recognize the veterans in your community on Veteran’s Day this Nov. 11.

4 Ways to Honor Veterans in Your Community

Honor those who served or are currently serving by:

  1. Volunteering Your Time: It’s no secret that Veterans Affairs hospitals have struggled in recent years. If you are able, donating your time to help veterans and active duty service personnel who are hospitalized can make a big difference. According to the Veteran’s Administration, 75,000 volunteers a year contribute a total of 11 million hours of service to our nation’s veterans. From driving vans that take patients to and from medical appointments to simply providing companionship to those who are hospitalized, there are many ways to get involved. Contact the VA online to learn more.
  2. Joining a Letter Campaign: If you’ve ever watched a small-town parade or attended a local community festival, you’ve likely noticed veterans manning a booth to raise awareness. It might be to remind visitors about those still missing in action from the Vietnam Conflict or about soldiers currently serving the United States. Veterans want us to support and remember their fellow servicemen and women. One way is by writing letters and sending cards to currently deployed soldiers. Operation Gratitude, Adopt a Platoon, A Million Thanks, and Flags Across the Nation are all organizations that can help you connect with soldiers.
  3. Supporting Military Families: Many people don’t realize the sacrifice a family makes when a loved one is deployed. From financial struggles to difficulty managing a home and family alone, the spouses and children of servicemen and women need our support too. The National Military Family Association is a non-profit organization committed to serving military families. You can get involved in a variety of ways, including making a financial contribution, volunteering your time to help a family near you, advocating for family benefits, and more.
  4. Flying Your American Flag: Finally, you can honor our veterans by flying your American flag. Displaying the red, white, and blue sends a signal to our veterans and active duty service personnel that we recognize and appreciate their efforts and sacrifices.

Volunteer Opportunities at Sunrise

Sunrise is proud that many members of the Greatest Generation choose to call our communities home. We welcome volunteers who would like to donate their time to help these patriots continue to enjoy active and engaged lives.

Volunteers can accompany Sunrise residents on community outings, help with life enrichment programs, and teach classes, like computer skills or art projects. Call the community nearest you to learn more!