Sunrise Communities Show Dedication To The Environment

Julia Little  |  October 1, 2012

Taking care of the planet is important, but it's also difficult. Though you may ride your bike while on your errands, volunteer to clean up your local park or take care to recycle as much as you can, sometimes there are forces out of your control that may have a negative impact on the environment. Your living situation can be a major player, and if you live in a home that wasn't built with the environment in mind, then you may be frustrated that your house is not as green as you are at heart. Seniors living in Sunrise Senior Living communities don't need to worry about that problem, however, as the company recently received the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) ENERGY STAR certification for 35 of their communities, adding to the 30 that already hold the distinction.

"Sunrise has brought innovation to the senior living industry for 30 years, and we are pleased to earn EPA’s ENERGY STAR certification for our energy efficiency efforts," said Laura McDuffie, Head of Operations at Sunrise. "Sunrise is not only committed to championing quality of life for seniors, but embraces environmental stewardship, as well. We will continue our efforts for additional communities to earn the ENERGY STAR certification in the future."

So what does it mean to be ENERGY STAR certified? In addition to vowing commitment to making energy-conscious choices, it means making changes in the way businesses and homes are built and operated. Sunrise policies state that all walk-in refrigerator doors will remain closed when not in use, washers, dryers and dishwashers will only be run when full, lint will be cleaned out of dryers regularly and employees will try to minimize the time that dryers run.

But Sunrise's commitment to the environment goes beyond these simple actions. Sunrise team members make sure to set back thermostats when possible, and have also installed energy-efficient florescent lights in all common areas and some private residents' rooms. On top of that, they've added sufficient weatherproof stripping to windows where necessary. Sunrise also makes sure its energy-efficient equipment is well-maintained at all times.

Older adults who choose to move to a Sunrise Senior Living community can do so knowing that the company has their best interests, and the best interests of the planet, in mind.