A Sunrise Wedding: Connie and Fred

Dana Rossbach, Director of Sales at Sunrise of Roseville, MN  |  October 26, 2015

Sunrise residents experience special moments every day, but it’s a real treat for everyone when something as memorable as a wedding takes place at a community! At our Sunrise of Roseville, MN, community, it all began when Connie (73) and Fred (75) met on an online dating website.

Connie was born and raised in a small Indiana town and was happily married for 50 years before her first husband passed away. Together, they had three children and many grandkids. Connie was seeking companionship which she soon found in Fred.

Fred grew up in Wisconsin and was happily married for 37 years before his first wife passed away. Together they had three children and multiple grandchildren as well – just like Connie! He, too, was looking for that special someone. After connecting with Connie online, they spoke for quite some time and decided to meet in person. After meeting up, they began dating for over a year. During that time, Connie started to volunteer here at the community where Fred lived, calling BINGO and helping to lead activities as their bond grew.

One day, Fred popped the question and asked Connie to marry him! Last month, Connie and Fred were married at our community. Another Sunrise resident, Robert, performed the ceremony for them and celebrated their reception with cake and punch in our community room. Their families and friends were all there to joyfully celebrate with them! Connie moved into Sunrise and now she and Fred share an apartment together. Connie continues to call BINGO and help with many of the activities. Though there may be a stigma that moving to assisted living is the end of one’s story, Fred and Connie prove that moving to assisted living is yet another wonderful chapter in life!

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