Enjoy That Summer Margarita

Sunrise Senior Living  |  August 3, 2012

The summer is a time for kicking back in the sun with a frosty beverage in hand. Of course, seniors need to be careful when looking into what tasty fruit beverage to consume, as some can really pack on the calories.

It's important that seniors are smart about their drinking choices. In addition to looking for a low calorie option, it's a good idea to limit oneself and drink plenty of water, as alcohol can dehydrate the body.

Just because a drink is low in calories does not mean it loses all its flavor. Take the margarita, for example. When ordered at a restaurant, this drink can be high in calories and sodium (particularly if there's salt on the rim), but made at home it can be the perfect indulgence on a hot summer day.

Although there are some margarita drinks that come pre-packaged with few calories, some people prefer to make the cocktail themselves. Food.com takes its own spin on the margarita, making salt and sugar optional for those watching their wastelines.

Skinny Margarita
2 oz. clear tequila
Splash of freshly squeezed lime juice
Splash of Cointreau liqueur, Grand Marnier or triple sec
Lime wedge
Sugar (optional)
Salt (optional)

If using salt or sugar, rub the lime wedge around rim of glass before dipping into salt or sugar
Place desired amount of ice in glass
Pour all ingredients into glass
Garnish with lime wedge