Caregiving: Finding the Right Tools For the Job

Julia Little  |  September 1, 2011

Daughter and elder motherTaking care of an elderly loved one is a difficult job, but it can be made more difficult if caregivers do not have the right tools.

In the same way that hammering a nail with a screwdriver would be more difficult and potentially dangerous, going about caregiving with incorrect or insufficient resources can cause emotional, financial, mental and physical strain, according to The Adviser. But yet many caregivers are thrust into the role of caring for an elderly parent or loved one with no advance warning and are unaware of what resources are available, the news source reports.

There are many tools that can guide caregivers through their duties while helping them stay healthy. According to, local agencies on aging can direct caregivers through the beginning steps, and may be able to recommend elder care facilities where a loved one will be able to stay active, engaged and social. Friends, family members and doctors can be valuable resources, as can online websites and message boards like those on Financial advisers can guide caregivers through the tricky issues around estate planning for a loved one so they can focus on the quality of health instead of logistical issues.