Seniors Should Get Flu Shots as Soon as Possible

Julia Little  |  September 23, 2011

In obervance of September as Healthy Aging Month, the organizations urge seniors, who are especially at risk of contracting influenza, to seek out the shot. Because their immune systems are older, it is difficult for seniors to fight off the virus if they contract it.

Michael Gelder, acting director of the Illinois Department on Aging, says seniors' best defense against the flu this season is the flu shot. They should also ask their doctor about getting a pneumococcal vaccine for optimal senior care, he added.

Even if seniors got a shot last year, experts recommend getting it every year when a new vaccine comes out to protect against new strains of the flu, and because the effectiveness of last year's vaccine will be decreasing. The new vaccine will protect against all strains of the virus this season, the department reports. 

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