Tips For Selling a Parent's Home

Julia Little  |  September 1, 2011

Living roomMany families decide to move a parent or loved one to an assisted living community in order to provide him or her with the best quality of life. After this decision has been made, families must move on to the next issue at hand: what to do with the senior's house.

This issue can be as emotionally and logistically trying as deciding whether to move the senior in the first place. According to, siblings may disagree over whether to sell the house or not. Family members should hold regular meetings to discuss options and should not be afraid to ask for mediation when disagreements arise, the website suggests.

Once the emotional issues have been overcome, there are certain ways to stage the senior's home to get it to sell fast, according to AARP. Catherine Silverman, a professional home stager, told the news source that family members should begin touring the home themselves, pretending they are the potential buyer. Strip the house of personal touches and create neutral spaces, so it will be a blank canvas for potential buyers. Clean up all clutter, and make a list of where unneeded items can go - the dump, a neighbor or a charity, she said.