Sunrise’s Rita Altman Presents Surprise Donation on The Meredith Vieira Show

Sunrise Senior Living  |  September 9, 2014

Daytime’s new syndicated talk show, The Meredith Vieira Show, debuted this week and includes an impressive lineup of guests during its premiere week. Today’s episode focused on a topic of ever-growing importance: dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Having lost several of her family members to Alzheimer’s, including her brother, Steve, who passed away earlier this summer, the fight for continued funding and research to find a cure is near and dear to host Meredith Vieira’s heart. Vice president of Memory Care Services, Rita Altman, made a guest appearance on the show to surprise Vieira with a $15,000 donation to the Alzheimer’s Association on behalf of Sunrise and in honor of Vieira’s brother.

“I think it is wonderful that Meredith Vieira has dedicated an entire show to championing the Alzheimer’s cause, a disease that currently more than 5 million Americans and 36 million worldwide are living with each day. These growing numbers are why it’s so very important for us to be having these conversations,” shared Altman after the show.

Vieira was touched by the generosity of several other corporate donations, including from DSW, Lumosity and Timex, among others. Together, $100,000 was donated to the Alzheimer’s Association in honor of Steve Vieira.

Guests on the show included comedic actor Seth Rogen and his wife, Lauren Miller Rogen, who have outspokenly brought greater attention to Alzheimer’s. Together they have started a charity aimed at “raising awareness for Alzheimer’s among the millennial generation,” according to Hilarity for Charity’s website. Rogen visited Capitol Hill in February, calling on Congress to address a lack of funding put forth towards the disease.

“The personal stories that were shared, as well as the expert advice by Dr. Reisa Sperling will no doubt have a lasting impact on all that watched this program,” said Altman.

Join in the fight to bring awareness to the cause by participating in the 2014 Walk to End Alzheimer’s ® in the Nation’s Capitol coming up on Saturday, October 25. Sunrise is proud to support The Walk as a National Platinum Team for the 5th year in a row.   

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