National Assisted Living Week: Championing Quality of Life for All Seniors

Meghan Lublin & Kelly Myers  |  September 16, 2015

As we celebrate this year’s National Assisted Living Week (NALW) theme of “Nourishing Life,” we thought this was also a good time to celebrate how, at Sunrise, our mission extends beyond what simply happens within our communities. So we can strive to champion quality of life for all seniors, we offer tons of resources for caregivers and their loved ones to help them lead a full life that nourishes the mind, body and spirit – right here on this blog, our SeniorEats® nutrition blog and on our website. These are available whether your loved one is a Sunrise resident or not.

The decision to move into a senior living community isn’t one that comes easily. We understand and hear often that many families are faced with making this monumental choice fairly quickly, may be confused about available options, and are, generally, in need of guidance at their fingertips. 

In response to this, we introduced an online resource, the Sunrise Care Questionnaire, to help seniors and their families receive an initial care recommendation. The Care Questionnaire aims to provide a quick understanding/glimpse of potential care needs, offering families a valuable tool to help make informative decisions, which can ultimately bring some peace of mind. Upon completion of the questionnaire, users have the option to schedule a full assessment at a nearby community, or simply print off their results for their own reference.

In addition to the Care Questionnaire, we provide a hotline answered by dedicated senior resource counselors, available to respond to questions and help talk through options at 888-434-4648. You’ll find informative articles written by the counselors on our blog, covering topics such as easing the transition to assisted living. We hope you find these and other information available on our website valuable resources, as you navigate the world of assisted living. 

Specific to our communities, one of the latest examples of our continued efforts to be a resource and meet the needs of families is the introduction of a new program. Sunrise’s Younger-Onset Memory Care is for individuals and their families needing care and support for someone with younger-onset memory loss. We’re excited to offer this at our newly opened community in Dublin, Ohio, to help meet their unique needs.

Know that you can rely on us anytime for expert advice and support as you care for your family.
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