Sunrise Stories: Cheryl Motzer

Sunrise Senior Living  |  November 15, 2011

Cheryl Motzer, Daughter of Resident - Calusa Harbour, FL

Cheryl Motzer, daughter of a resident at Calusa Harbour in Florida, says Sunrise is special to her. “It is amazing - the kindness and the family atmosphere that is present when you walk in. All of the team members are very caring and become part of your family. I am a retired nurse and have never seen a community like Calusa Harbour,” she explained.

Cheryl also said, “I was not part of the process when my parents found Calusa; they chose it on their own. I remember the first time that I came in the front door and I thought, my mom and dad have found a home. I have never had to worry about where they are, or how they are being taken care of.”


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