Sunrise Stories: Diana Iaccobucci

Sunrise Senior Living  |  November 16, 2011

Diana Iaccobucci, Executive Director - Sunrise of Wilmette, IL

Diana Iaccobucci has been a member of the Sunrise team for 10 years. She feels like the community is her family and her home, and that for all the team members give, they receive tenfold. Diana shares two personal stories about some very special residents:

One of my fondest memories was when my mother, who is a resident in our Reminiscence neighborhood, gave me a kiss. She hadn’t done so in months. Another resident who was on hospice, hadn’t spoken for months. I was doing Reiki therapy for him when he took my hand, looked me in the eyes and said “thank you.”

Diana would like to thank Sunrise for providing her and her team the tools and resources necessary to fulfill the Sunrise mission to champion quality of life for residents every day!


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