Sunrise Stories: Regina Heneghan

Sunrise Senior Living  |  November 9, 2011

Regina Heneghan – General Manager, Sunrise of Elstree, UK

Regina Heneghan is the general manager at Sunrise of Estree, one of Sunrise’s 26 communities in the United Kingdom, and has worked at Sunrise for four years. Regina finds Sunrise special because it is a place where her team cherishes the everyday lives of their residents. Regina tells this story as one of her fondest memories:

We cared for a married couple, however, the wife was in Reminiscence and the husband was in Assisted Living. On their 65th wedding anniversary, unbeknownst to both of them, the family flew in from the USA and we organized a surprise party.

Our lady resident was beautifully dressed and sat with her husband,  enjoying the festivities and being "in the moment." After the party, the husband came to me crying with happiness and thanked me for ‘giving him his wife back for several hours.’ It was my honor to do so!

Regina says that Sunrise is a place to laugh each day and enjoy life!


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