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Lance Davis

Lance Davis

Executive Director

"Prior to Sunrise, I worked in a regional operations capacity for a Neurorehabilitation full-service location. I started my career in human services at a residential camp for children and adults with physical and developmental disabilities. My undergraduate degree is in behavioral science and psychology with my graduate work in health services administration.

My favorite part of Sunrise is team collaboration, including residents and families- to make the golden years the BEST.

When I am not at Sunrise, I am with my wife Heidi, and our two children Isaac (4) and Vera (1). We enjoy swimming, biking, and snuggles."

Ashley BeckhamAshley Beckham

Director of Sales

"I have been in the healthcare industry for the past 12 years with a primary focus on geriatric nursing care. Prior to serving as Director of Sales at Brighton Gardens of Brentwood, I managed the Wellness Department at a Sunrise Community in Southern California as the Resident Care Director. I am excited to be back in my beautiful home state of Tennessee. 

My favorite part of my position is being able to serve as a trusted adviser to our potential residents and families, as well as all of those who already call Sunrise their home; focusing daily on providing the highest level of Quality Care and Customer Service that makes Sunrise so special. 

There are so many wonderful things about working for Sunrise. My favorite is probably that Sunrise has a purpose — a true mission — that everyone understands. Even better, every team member can tell you the role he or she plays in achieving that purpose while providing positive impacts to those we care for on a daily basis. 

In my spare time I enjoy being outdoors- nature walks, hiking, and being with my family & friends. I also really enjoy anything related to animals of all types, as I am an over-the-top animal lover; especially with dogs and horses.

Annette BasiliusAnnette Basilius

Resident Care Director

"My name is Annette Basilius and I have been with Sunrise Senior Living since 2018. I served as the Wellness Nurse prior to my current role, Resident Care Director. I have over eleven years of experience as a Registered Nurse and I have served in different facets of nursing during my career. I have worked in the hospital, public health, dialysis center, pediatrics and hospice prior to coming to Sunrise. I truly believe that Sunrise is where I am meant to be! 

My favorite part of the job is our residents. I enjoy interacting with them and knowing that I make a difference in their care. The best part of working for Sunrise is working with a team that is like family and we all share the same values. 

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my husband, two sons and of course my two dogs. I enjoy reading and love to travel."

Kris UnderwoodKris Underwood

Business Office Coordinator

"I joined Sunrise initially as a Concierge. In late 2019, I moved into the  Business Office Coordinator role. My favorite part of the job is building relationships with the residents, families and my fellow team members.  I enjoy helping people and encouraging others.

The best part of working for Sunrise is being a part of a company that truly cares about the quality of care our residents receive.  I want to live up to the mission of Sunrise, while serving others well and performing my job to the highest quality.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my husband, grown children and our dog, Barley.  I am an avid fitness walker.  I love to hike, travel  and read.

Tiffany CraycraftTiffany Craycraft

Assisted Living Coordinator

"I have worked with seniors for thirteen years; Sunrise Senior Living being five of those years. Nine years of my experience has been working with individuals with cognitive impairments. I have been certified with the state of Ohio in behavioral specialties. This training helped me to create care plans with very personalized approaches. My favorite part about my job is the joy the residents bring me! When I walk into Reminiscence and residents are in the living room and see me, they get a big smile on their face. They tell me how beautiful I look today. I love hearing a resident say, “Oh, there you are. I’ve been looking for you all day”. The feeling they give me makes my whole day better. I could not imagine walking into any other job and getting that feeling. They truly make my life better. These residents give me purpose.  

The best part of working at Sunrise? That is a hard one; I love Sunrise, so for me there are many! Sunrise genuinely cares about their people. I love the way that Sunrise is true to their values. From the Mission Statement, the Principles of Service, to the Team Member Credo. Sunrise Senior Living makes everyone feel loved and cared for like a family. 

In my spare time I am a mother of four. I enjoy being wrapped up in kids’ sports and activities."

Adrienne InnisAdrienne Innis

Activities & Volunteer Coordinator

"My name is Adrienne Innis and I am the Activities and Volunteer Coordinator at Brighton Gardens of Brentwood, but prior to my time here, I spent most of my career developing retail businesses for various companies nationwide as an Executive Field Manager, and as a Consultant. I also spent several years as a wardrobe stylist to some of Nashville's brightest stars. No matter what phase of my professional life, I have always made it a priority to bring authenticity, humor, and joy into what I do. 

 In terms of my philosophy for Activities at Brighton Gardens, it centers around bringing the outside world into our community, increasing social interactions with others, and helping our residents find relevance and purpose in their daily life. It has been my absolute joy to build the relationships with residents and their families over the course of the last year and I look forward to more opportunities to serve you in the future. I am always eager to find ways to engage every resident at Brighton Gardens of Brentwood in some new way!" 

Brian Howser Brian Howser 

Dining Services Director

“I have worked for Sunrise since 2005. I have 30 years of experience in the culinary field, the majority of my early tenure was spent in Las Vegas working for major hotels as well as a lead chef at a high end steak house. 

My favorite part of my job would be interacting with our residents and serving their needs. The best part of working for Sunrise is the daily challenges that that push me to be my best. 

In my spare time, I love to golf, fish, and have fun where I can find fun.” 

Alex JordangAlex Jordang

Maintenance Coordinator

"Before starting my new journey in the senior living industry, I previously worked for over 20 years in hotel hospitality and opening new buildings. I am very excited to partner with the current residents who call Brighton Gardens of Brentwood their home and continue to gain knowledge on building operations.

My favorite part of working at Sunrise is I love being able to work with my hands everyday- attending resident's needs. I love being able to take on special requests and get to know each person here in the community. I want their home to feel "Perfect".

In my spare time, I enjoy reading, fishing, and spending time reconnecting with nature."

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